Thursday, October 29, 2015

Just another day

It's been a long time. 

Blogging seems to be on the back burner for almost everyone these days. I honestly just do not find the time to do it between potty training two kids, cleaning, running an etsy shop, and chasing after the kids to make sure they don't bite eachother. (yes, it's a problem.) 

Today however, I decided to not take a nap or work on things for my shop while the kids were napping. I found myself sitting on the couch staring out the window wondering where time has gone. All I hear is quiet. It sounds nice. I feel like writing, so here I am. 

Today is much like any other day. The kids got up at 6:00, Kevin was out the door at 6:30, we ate breakfast (Mia did, while Mckay cried because I wouldn't let him have hot dogs for breakfast) at 7. I usually let them watch a show in the morning after they wake up because I am not a morning person. I never have been. I hate mornings with a passion. Judge me all you want, but I am not able to function until 8. I shuffle around the house getting the things the kids need, sit on the couch, and be lazy for an hour until I can truly wake up or the kids jump on my face. Whichever comes first. Usually its the kids jumping on my face. 

This morning, when changing bums, Mckay decided he didn't want to wear diapers anymore. He kept saying 'unders! unders!' So I went with it. He goes pee in the potty one or two times a day but we haven't pushed it since Mia is still struggling to get all trained. So, Mia and Mckay both had their unders on this morning and stayed dry all till after lunch, when I made them wear diapers to nap because I didn't want to clean up a pee accident today in their bed. Just wasn't up for it. Call me a bad mom or enabler. Whatever, I don't care. 

Mckay struggled to fall asleep today. Usually he's really easy to put to sleep- but he sure put up a fight at nap time today. He cried for 30 minutes before he gave up, got back in his bed, and tucked him self in. I told him he could cry all he wanted but couldn't come out of his room. When I heard the crying stop, I went in to see he had fallen fast asleep with the blanket on him half way. He looked so peaceful. I gave him a kiss and tucked him in a little better so he would stay warm. 

Mia naps in my bed during the day. Her and Mckay do not nap well together. They go to bed just fine together, but I don't even go there at nap time. It's not worth it. She's old enough that she doesnt really need a nap anymore, but when she gets one, she's alot happier. Some days she will tell me she's tired, others, she tells me shes not and she wants to stay awake with me. I judge it by the day. A lot of times I actually nap with her. I've been so tired for months. I'm assuming it's my thyroid but if it isn't, I will be blaming it on my children haha. Totally kidding. Today for her nap, Mia had a hard time initially falling asleep. She was tired, and asked me to snuggle her. I was scratching her back and singing her songs but her little body kept shaking from her terrible cough. Her asthma has come back again this week. It looks like we will be doing a lot of breathing treatments over the next few days to help get that under control. 

Kevin will get home in about 3 and a half hours. He does great at his job and really enjoys it! It's been a great opportunity to live in Henderson and see Kevin work in his career field. 

I have been struggling with some health issues for a few months. I am not really wanting to talk about it much but It's definitely been causing alot of stress and has been getting in the way of my every day life. Ive always had health issues. I keep having to tell myself that it could be worse, and that for the most part, I am healthy. 

I keep myself really busy with my etsy shop and instagram for the shop. I've really enjoyed it and hope it becomes more of an income next year instead of a hobby. I havent pushed too hard to make it be an income but I think I will next year. 

I love Henderson, but I am missing my friends back home. Utah will always be my home. 

I think I will go watch a movie or do something relaxin...g... wait. Mckay's awake. That nap lasted 40 mins. GRRR


The Duke said...

I'm glad you posted. I always read them. Here's to hoping you find some answers to your health problems. Love you.

The Duke said...

I read this right after you posted but I think I got it from a link on FB so I didn't comment here.
We are so excited to have you come. I hope the kids don't get sick while you are here to make things hard for you. I hope this will be a real vacation with just fun things to do! You could use the break, especially now that Kevin is gone a couple of days a week.



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