Monday, January 12, 2015

Mia is almost 3

I used to be so good at documenting everything about the kids. Weights, foods, firsts, words, etc. I find myself so busy cleaning up after them and following them around that I just dont find the time to write things down. I usually just take a million pictures of them. Often times though, I forget what was being said or other little details in the pictures. I figured I better write a few things down about the kids for my own history keeping sake. Here is an update on Mia.

Mia is almost 3. She will be 3 next month. She is still such a tiny little thing. She weighs 26 pounds even and is 36 inches tall. She wears a size six shoes and size 2T clothes still. Some 3T. It depends on the brand. Mia has pretty bad asthma and has had a terrible case of it the last two months. She's been doing 10 puffs of albuteral (spelling?) a day for the last week and will continue that for the next two weeks until we can get things under control. Then we will probably go to Flovent or Advair or something like that. We follow up with the doctor in a few weeks. 

Mia was dancing but we stopped taking classes and are moving on to gymnastics. She is better at gymnastics and the structure of gymnastics is better for her personality. She is SO defiant and will usually not do anything unless it's her idea. BUT- she also thrives from discipline. I find myself too tired and not wanting to fight it most days to be consistent enough for discipline she needs sometimes so by putting her in a structured class like gymnastics, I think it will help her. I am also working on being better at being consistent with her. She gets sent to time out frequently and dont get me wrong, she doesn't get away with hitting and all that, but I am in no way a perfect parent and she does get away with things sometimes. 

She still wakes up during the night. It's getting better. That is one thing we are trying to be really strict with. With everything we have tried, locking her door and letting her cry and kick it out (she broke the door) and trying to go for the softer side of things by singing to her and reading books and scratching her back... nothing has worked. The last resort for us was me laying on the floor by her bed and holding her hand until she starts dozing off. When she starts dozing off I can leave the room. Its a terrible habit, I know. But its the best we can do with what we have tried. She shares a room with Mckay and there is a neighbor baby upstairs- and we cannot afford to break another door. So for now, this works for us. She is really into snuggling lately and demands snuggling me every day. She gets up around 7am and crawls into my bed and snuggles me for an hour or two until Mckay wakes up. She usually falls asleep, but if she doesnt, She will play a game on my phone so I can sleep some more. Again, bad habit, but sleep here for me is GOLD since Kevin works graveyards and I do the night thing alone. I dont do well on no sleep, so any sort of sleep for me is taken. 

Mia is also really into anything girly. She loves painting her nails and chapstick and makeup. She also really likes me to do her hair. She usually wont leave the house until her hair is done. She likes to sit by me as I put my makeup on and always asks for mascara too. She has had tons of haircuts already and sits really still for her hair. I am just praying she never takes scissors to her hair!!! She loves princess heels and dressing up. She always tells me that she is the queen and Mckay is her prince. She is a hoot. 

Mia really likes to sing. Her two favorite songs right now are row row your boat and twinkle little star. She always wants me to sing to her too, and will ask me to sing her songs like the "circle song" or "triangle song" which means make up a song about those things. 

She also really likes to draw. Shes extremely talented when it comes to drawing. She can draw in the lines! When she draws a person she draws eyelashes, eyes, arms, legs, hair, all the usual. She knows all her colors, can count to 10, and can write an M. 

She isn't potty trained yet, which drives me absolutely nuts. She will go poop in public places like target or at her grandmas house or aunts house, but refuses to go here. She pees in her potty here and occasionally poops here, but if it's not her idea, she will NOT go. She is one stubborn girl! We have seriously tried so many things. This girl just wants to train herself, so I am going to have to be okay with that. 

She also loves to brush her teeth and LOOOOOVES to swim!! She wont wear a life jacket in the pool, but will wear it around the house. She will jump in the pool without us catching her and will gladly put her face under the water. She has learned to blow bubbles in the water too. We are wanting to sign her up for lessons in the summer. 

Here are a few pictures of here recently: 


The Duke said...

That's a great description of that cute little girl. The pictures are adorable! Love her to death.

Laura said...

Just came across your blog. Mia is growing up so fast! You are so positive and it looks like you have so much fun with your kids. Hope you're doing well!


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