Friday, July 11, 2014

It's been six months

its been 6 months since ive blogged on here. 

i honestly have had no desire, nor a care in the world to do so. but i am quickly realizing that i am forgetting things about my kids- im not writing them down. when mia was first born i wrote all her stats every month and all the new things she could do. and i am glad i did that so i dont forget what it was like. but with mckay i have been such a slacker! that poor kid, no history. i dont like writing in a journal, typing is much easier. so, back to it i go. 

i lost the will power in me to care about a lot of things this past 11 months. after mckay was born,  postpartum hit me like a brick wall. i didnt realize thats what it was until a few months ago. i lost the care to clean as well as i did, to take care of my body, to work on my friendships, and to strengthen my spiritual self. at the time those things didnt seem important to me. my kids did and my husband did, but nothing else did. now i am looking back on those 11 months since i had mckay and realizing how much i missed out on. i really really struggled to adjust to having two kids. its still hard. but now at least i really enjoy it! what a lucky mamma i am...

as for some updates...
kevin: he is done with school in april, then will do an internship! yay! go hubby. he is still working at ussynthetic but instead of swing shift, he will be doing grave shifts starting the second week of august. not fun for me. or him really. im so grateful for all his hard work. he is always doing homework or going to work- having no time for himself! if he does have extra time he is helping with the kids so i can have a break. thats a man right there ;) sure do love him. hes doing great in school and has gotten such good grades. 

mia: is now 24lbs and 35 inches tall. shes finally in 2t clothes. size 4 diapers. size 5 shoes. she loves anything girly- painting toenails, mommy's 'lips' (lipgloss), lotion, brushing her hair, hair bows, princess dresses, trying on my heels... you name it. that girl has got the girl thing down to a T. she also loves to sing. let it go is still her favorite song, then the 'temple song' (I love to see the Temple). she loves to color but hasnt kicked her habit of eating crayons yet.. so gross. she has an obsession with head stands and somersaults. shes really flexible and loves to dance too. she is starting to get into the 'scared' stage. if someone startles her or mckay comes crawling fast at her she starts to cry and runs and says shes scared. sometimes its really funny actually. lately shes been really into playing with her baby dolls and putting them down for naps. she really likes play food too, and could pretend to cook all day. shes great in nursery, but terrible in sacrament. havent figured that one out yet. she loves to talk to people on the phone, especially if its facetiming her cousin cecily. shes good at reminding me to get off my butt and go to the gym. in the mornings she comes to me with her shoes and says 'mom, i wanna go to the gym!'. (she must like the daycare they have). thank heaven for her motivation ;) she knows some letters, colors, and can write an M. she can also count to 10. still not potty trained. gosh dang that. she loves the idea of the potty and always wants to sit on it- all day. but will NOT pee or poo in it. that girl. any advice? shes been so much fun lately. she has gotten back into the snuggle stage. she likes to lay in mommys bed in the mornings when she gets up and snuggle. she loves to help cook or clean (thank goodness). she really is a great helper and will clean up all her toys if i sing the clean up song with her. shes obsessed with daniel tiger on PBS right now. im tired of that show. at least its educational. she does not back down. ever. she will cry or freak out until she gets what she wants. she only does it when its just me at home with her though... i think she gets the vibe that daddy is at work and mommy is tired and has been dealing with crying all day so shes going to give in... (dont worry, im working on that). she has major listening problems right now and will not follow simple commands.. she tests my limits to the max. she is also having problems staying near me when we go somewhere.. or even if we are just outside. she loves to run, and is really fast at it so i really have to keep my eye on her. i always have to get mckay out of the car first before i get her out or she will run into the parking lot. dont most two year olds stay by their moms? jeese. other than those two issues we have with her right now, she is seriously the most precious, hilarious, loving, talented little girl. we really love her and shes teaching me how to love more every single day. 

mckay: turns one this month! whaaaaat? where did time go?? i cant believe i was already 3 months pregnant with him when mia turned 1. i would die if i was pregnant right now haha. i was definitely blessed though because he is the most calm, happy go lucky, good baby!! everyone that spends time around him says those things to me. he seriously doesnt cry unless he is hungry or really tired. sometimes if he gets bonked on the head by sister he cries. but usually he just is tough and gets over it. he has 7 teeth and 3 molars coming in right now too! he is 20lbs and 29.5 inches tall. size 4 diapers. size 12 month clothes. size 3 almost 4 shoes. he will eat anything. and eats! no joke. hes a really great eater. he still drinks from a bottle and takes a binky. he does not like sippy cups. or plain baby food. he wants the real stuff. absolutely loves avocados and probably eats a half of one every single day. he can take one or two steps on his own but thats about it. he stands all day and walks holding on to things but not on his own. hes realllllly close though. this boy is FAST. crawls like a Ferrari! he loves water just like his sister. he also really likes to swing. hes into toy cars and also loves the play food. he loves to wrestle mia and pull her hair. he thinks its funny. he can high five, say momma and dadda, and give kisses. he can also point to things and shake his head no no. he is a nightmare to change a diaper on though because he is always moving. makes it hard for us! he sleeps great. two naps during the day, and sleeps through the night from 7:30-8 am. he is always smiling. really. he is such a happy baby!! he loves mia so much and tries to do everything she does. he loves it when mia climbs in his crib to jump with him. he is kind of in a biting stage but I think its because hes getting molars. he is slowly growing out of his snuggle stage which really makes me sad. he used to let me snuggle him every night before bed but now he kind of just wants to be put down in his crib- no snuggles. he still gives hugs though and likes to be held once in a while. 

me: there isnt much to say. been going to counseling. its been amazing. more on that subject later. started a bunch of new meds and those seem to be helping as well. its been a long 8 months of working on me and trying to deal with the cards that have been dealt to me since november.. but slowly things are getting easier and better. ive lost 7 pounds this month so far from the whole 30 diet and ive been going to the gym 3 times a week which is great for me! ive been really sick for a few months and so the doctor put me on the whole 30 diet. come to find out, im lactose intolerant, my body isnt absorbing vitamin d or vit. b12. ive been getting b12 shots for a few months now and they just arent absorbing. we are still trying to figure that out. the vit d is weird too because i take 50,000 units a week of it. thats ALOT. im still tired and feeling kinda sick but its ok! my iud got embedded in my myometrium (spelling?) which is basically the wall of my uterus. so i had to get that ripped out. hurt like heck. i plan to let my body heal and then get a new one very very soon. i also passed a kidney stone last weekend. ive been getting blood work once a month for a while now to make sure everythings ok still health wise. so its been weird to have all these weird sickness things going around my crazy body. maybe its trying to tell me to eat better ;) im reading the book of mormon on my own and thats going OK. im not super great at remembering to read it every day. my calling in church is the relief society historian. its boring. im getting better at the guitar and really enjoying playing it. 
thats about all i can say about me right now. nothing too exciting. 

life is good. hard, but good. 


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