Thursday, January 9, 2014

Catching Up- Play dates

Mia has made so many friends (well, i've made friends who also have kids that just happen to be Mia's friends!) We love when friends come over or when we can go to friends houses because it helps pass the long day on! :) 

Here is Mia and her friend Cooper. Cooper's mom was in Scouts with me but I got released. This was after a scouts activity- we went to get ice cream. These girls were LOVING this cart and the yummy ice cream. 

One of my close friends Malae came over to hang out with her ADORABLE little girl Zaydrie (I THINK I spelled that right..) She was just loving McKay- if anything she was most interested in him! She kept asking to hold him.

My favorite play dates are the ones with just Mia and McKay though. They love eachother so much. She has become quite the good big sister. Always feeding him for me, getting diapers, putting blankets on him, giving him his binky, helping him when he's sad.. Its really cute. I love these two.

Our most favorite little girl Maddy lives upstairs. Mia and her are about a year apart. Mia just loves Maddy. Every day when we wake up the first thing she does is ask to go see Maddy. Her name is now "Maddy Cakes!" according to Mia. I really hope they stay friends for life.

I love that Mia is getting to the stage of wanting to play with her friends.. but She has also become quite the bully. She hits ALOT and her favorite phrase is "It's mine!" Oh boy. The terrible twos. I sure hope she grows out of it soon. She goes to timeout lots. Oh well, I still love that little girl. 

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