Thursday, January 9, 2014

Catching up- Mia's first time in the snow

This year was really the first year Mia could play in the snow. She LOVES it. I was lucky enough to score an amazing coat/snowbib set at Burlington for $24. The snow bibs are navy blue- plain. So I figured Mckay will also be able to wear them. Worth it for me! 

My sister Adrianne and her hubby/kids came into town from CO for Christmas (best surprise ever!). Christmas Eve Mia got to go sledding on the man made (by my brother in law Mike with the help of Kevin) hill in my parents back yard. The good videos are on Kevin's phone so I will have to upload those later... But she had SO much fun. I am telling you- this girl is FEARLESS! She went all by herself! 

Sledding by her self! 

This was her first time in the snow at our apartment in the yard. She had a lot of fun. 

She could barley walk in those things- hence plopping down for snow angels! 

Here's to much more playing in the snow- hopefully McKay will love it just as much as she does! 

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