Thursday, January 9, 2014

Catching up- Halloween

I am months behind in blogging. Sorry for the all the catching up posts that will be coming! 

Halloween was a blast this year! We did a lot of fun things to celebrate it. 
One thing was going to Thanksgiving Point farms. We went on a carriage ride, played games, got Mia's face painted, pet the animals, all kinds of fun. She loved it! All of it except the pony ride.. she screamed on that. 

 Another thing we did was the annual Mohlman Halloween Party! Lisa and Chris (Lisa is Kevins sister) always throw a rockin Halloween party every year. Tons of food, prizes, games, and good fun. Before the party, we met at this train called Stringtown Express . It's in Lindon and its free! So much fun! Check out their website to see a youtube video of the ride. Mia loved it. This picture is just outside the line to the train. 

This was McKay's first time in the umbrella stroller. Poor kid gets the girl stroller hand me down. He was a giraffe. It was the perfect outfit for the cold. 

Along the line in the train there are tons of decorations and music and all kinds of fun stuff. 

This is McKay on Halloween morning. Thanks for the onesie Amy! 

We went trick or treating with our upstairs neighbors, Katie and Marshall and their little girl Maddy. She is 9 months old and totally cute. Her and Mia have become quite the best friends. Mia loves helping Maddy walk and it was really fun to have them come trick or treating with us. 

Here Kevin and Mia were while going house to house. 

Pictures are out of order, sorry... This is from the night of our halloween party at Lisa's. Kevin and I went as nerds! 

My handsome (nerdy) boys

I made Mia's costume. She was a 'cute' ghost for lack of a better name. 

Lisa's whole family dressed up in Napolean Dynomite outfits.. Here is Lisa with her son Jackson. Their outfits were the best! 

At the end of train. 

Mimi and Papa holding McKay- they were the pitch fork couple with the frame around their face.. haha. 

Some of the party craziness

I made cupcakes. The frosting wasn't amazing, but I think I decorated them cute! 

Kevin's oldest brother Dale- awesome costume! 

The ladies, Sharese, Jen, Lisa, Kathy, me, and Wendy

Ok, this was the best costume. Steve was the scared kid in bed and his daughter Olivia was the monster under the bed! 

We had a lot of fun and I am realizing how much more fun holidays are with kids. Thanks for the fun party Lisa and Chris! 

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