Thursday, November 14, 2013

instagram pic update

Here are a few pictures that I've taken lately with my phone. 

Mia got her hair cut at the salon for the first time. I have cut her hair like 8 times probably.. but this was her first time in an actual Salon. My best friend Kenna is attending hair school so I told her she could learn on us. I remember what it's like to have to find models. I know lots of other hair dressers who can fix our hair if she messes up.. haha. Which I am sure she wont because shes really talented! 

Mia was great the whole time. Give that girl a sucker and she will do anything :)

Mia and pretty Kenna! 

I snuggle this little guy ALOT. Mostly because I just love baby snuggles, but also because he doesnt like naps without snuggling.. or just you laying by him. We are working on that. He also got his first double ear infection a few weeks ago. Poor little guy. It was really sad. And he still eats like every two hours. It's driving my chest crazy. Haha. 

He is getting really really big. Like 14 lbs big! Growing like a weed. Size two diapers, size 3-6 month clothes, and he is almost 4 months old! So crazy since Mia was in newborn stuff forever. 

Mia loves to look at herself in the camera. She always wants me to take pictures. She walks around saying cheese. 

I have been really struggling for the last two months emotionally so one night Kevin surprised me with two of my favorite things! It was the best thing to wake up to. I love that hubby of mine. 

McKay is just smiling like crazy now. I still havent quite gotten him to giggle (I almost did tonight) but he will smile from ear to ear!!! His dimples get me every time. 

Mia loves to color. We do not get through a day without her asking to color. I think all of our pack of printer paper has been colored on now.. Yes, she's getting paper for Christmas. :)

My friend Shelby has a little girl that was born a few weeks after McKay. We hung out with them the other night, and McKay just kept smiling at her. Such little cuties. He is a flirt! 

Oh boy. We have the craziest monkey on our hands EVER. She climbs everything, jumps on everything, jumps OFF everything, rolls off everything.. honestly I hate saying this but I just know its any day now before she breaks a leg or arm! I always find her sitting on top of our table in the kitchen playing with the flowers on it or trying to eat leftover food. She loves to jump on her bed. And she literally does flips off the couch. I try to put her in time out when she does things like that but if I did that, thats all I would do all day.. not even joking! She just loves to jump and dance and climb. Its hard to keep her still. We are hoping to get her into gymnastics or dance ASAP- because she would be so good at it. She already does a perfect somersault! And is super flexible and loves to dance. 

Lastly but not least, look at this peaceful little boy. He is so special to me. I was terrified to have a boy, I had no idea how to take care of one! But oh my. He just has captured my heart and made it ten times bigger. I dont mind snuggling him all day.. As I recall, I snuggled Mia all day too at this age. I just cant put those snuggly babies down!

That's what's up with our kiddos as of late. 


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