Monday, October 21, 2013

some thoughts

Tonight I have just been thinking about a lot of things. So this will probably be a super random post.

I love my kids. They are the best. Mia makes me laugh all day long, except for when shes screaming, and then I sigh and just push on. :) McKay is such a snugly little baby. He is the most calm, perfect baby- IF he is being held. So I spend lots of my day holding him which is ok with me most of the time. Mia has been talking a ton, and will basically say any word I ask her to say now- or say words when she needs something. For example, the other day she went up to the cup cabinet and said "water, please, help". I almost couldnt believe she said a 3 word sentence! I was a proud mommy. Shes been great at saying please and thank you- and will help alot around the house. She will get me diapers, wipes, get McKay's binky, AND (best of all) She cleans up her toys when I ask her to! McKay is still in size 1 diapers, and 0-3 or 3 month clothing. He pretty much has no hair anymore. Sleeps from 8pm to 8am usually waking up once, sometimes twice. He can roll from his belly to his back. He is extremely strong and holds his head up so well. He is still eating so much during the day... I hate that. Because then I am sore. :) Overall though, kids are healthy, happy, and life with two kids is getting easier day by day. 

My husband rocks. He has been working so dang hard at school! He is getting all A's and is actually liking the classes he is taking. He is learning a lot. He is gone all day. Literally. Thats been hard for me. He leaves around 9 am, comes home for lunch (only sometimes) at 1 or 1:30, leaves for work at 2:30, gets home at midnight. Mon-Friday. Its really hard to be away from him that much. We try to spend the weekends together but then the weekends just get so jam packed with family and friend things and running errands that we feel like we hardly saw eachother! I keep hoping for a nice, relaxing, weekend at home, doing absolutely nothing but sipping hot cocoa and cuddling. Not gonna happen. A girl can dream...

We are thinking about really starting potty training Mia. She always does her business in private (hiding in her room or in the corner.) Then she always grabs at her diaper when she has gone #2. She likes to sit on her little potty seat (we got one that goes on top of our seat) and has tinkled in the potty once so far. She always asks to go potty and even likes to wipe herself. It almost makes me cry just typing this thinking about how grown up she is! 

I've been doing some crafting lately. I hadnt decorated our room at all since we moved in and I just wanted to add some things. So I painted the shelf and made some blocks. I am loving it! 

 Ammon turned 18. 18 people. EIGHTEEN! My mom threw him a big fun birthday party a few weeks ago and we had an impersonator, and a singer/guitar player. We had music, ate food, and sang happy birthday. It was so much fun and he was in pure heaven. Thanks to all who came!

McKay has blue eyes! yay! But no hair. Cant wait until his hair grows back in and I can style it. He's such a handsome little guy. 

We took Mia and McKay to Thanksgiving Point a few weeks ago. Mia HATED the horse ride. But I just laughed and made her do at least one lap to show her that she wasnt going to get hurt and she was freaking out for no reason. She REALLY hates horses though because when we were at Chelsey's house (my sisters) her cousin Sarah was holding her by their horses and the horse licked Mia's face. It really freaked her out and she screamed. I think she wont ever forget that.. dang it! 

Here is a picture showing her candy corn painted on her face. Lindsey, do you recognize that outfit? It still fits.. hehe. 

And lastly, I learned how to can grapes for grape juice! And its DELICIOUS. No sugar added... They were sweet enough! My neighbor upstairs and I decided to pick a ton of grapes from a lady in my ward. The lady said she didnt want to can them this year so we had all them to ourselves if we wanted. They smelled delicious as we were picking them. 

We filled up another big cooler like the blue one, and two other buckets as well. We ended up making about 24 quarts. 

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efletchey said...

I love making grape juice! My husband and I used to live in his aunt and uncle's house while they were on a mission and they had a ton of grapes. We love grape juice so much that we planted grape vines at our house! Haha. Have you tried it with apple juice or sprite? Super yummy.


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