Monday, September 23, 2013

sibling love

I still cant wrap my head around the fact that I have 'kids'.. not just 'a kid'. Its crazy! It's been such a hard adjustment but the more time Mia spends with McKay, the more she loves him and treats him kindly. She had a really hard time at first and hit him alot. Now its all kisses and hugs and "Hey Buddy" and "Kk" and "oh baby shh". And shes also named all her baby dolls "Kk" and likes to burp them and nurse them. LOL. She kills me. I just love her personality! 

I cant wait for McKay to get a little older when they can actually play together. Mia has been really protective over him lately and is always wanting to put his binky in or feed him with a bottle. And so far, he isn't complaining :) Here are some pictures of my cuties together: 

I always give them a bath together. She likes to help pour water on him to wash off the bubbles. 

She loves to jump in the pack n play and snuggle him during nap time or bed time. 

haha, this is my FAVORITE! just look how cute she is giving him kisses

If I set out a blanket for him to lay on, she lays down next to him. 

This picture cracks me up. I took it this week. Shes like showing her double chin and McKay is looking super annoyed to be in another picture. 

We dont have a boy play mat, so McKay has to suffer through playing with a girl one. But he doesnt seem to mind. Mia in this picture is wearing some of his pajamas that were a bigger size. She had just grown out of hers and I hadn't bought new ones yet. Whoops. Glad he doesnt mind sharing! 

Mia loves trying to hold McKay by herself. 

...And he just likes to eat her hand. 

I love, love, love these two. Best part of my day. 

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