Monday, September 23, 2013

Mckay- phone pic style

Tonight I was transfering pictures from my phone to the computer and noticed there are quite a few I havent shared! Here are some from McKay's birth/first week of life. 

Here I am in my glory, ready to push! I dont miss that huge belly

trying to get the little guy to breathe

Kevin snapped this picture of me touching McKay's face before they took him away from me.

touching baby cakes

When he finally got out of the NICU we were able to go watch his first bath and all. His poor bruised face. 

In this picture I think he looks like my brother Adam. 

Kk and his uncle Chad! 

Mia's first time meeting the baby

proud sister!

Uncle Ammon. Lookin like a stud. He sure loves babies

This is when we were getting ready to leave the hospital. Just look at that little cutie! He looks so tiny!

When we got home from the hospital Chelsey, Brent, and their kids as well as Jess, Jen and their kids came to visit! McKay loved the snuggles. Here he is with Uncle Brent. I think this picture made Chelsey's ovaries hurt... ;) totally kidding!

I LOVE this picture of McKay with his cousin Leah. So precious

This guy is such a chubbers. He eats all day I feel like. Just look at those rolls and belly!

We sure do love our McKay! He's perfect!

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