Monday, September 30, 2013

My favorite time of year

Fall is my favorite time of year. Sweater weather, yummy smells, soups, cute decorations, treats galore, costumes, changing leaves... All of it! I actually have had my fall decor/halloween decor up since the beginning of September. It seemed like Fall just came on so fast this year though. It went from super hot, to super chilly! Kevin drives the scooter in the summer but its getting too cold to drive it at night now. So, trying to figure out how to share our one car again is not fun :S 

Here are a few of my decorations for fall! 
Below is a shelf I got at DI, Flowers are from the dollar store. I think there are like 3 or 4 bunches in there. I just put them in a mason jar and tied a scrap piece of fabric on it. The tree art was made by me. I cut a tree from my silhouette machine, and the background is burlap. The 'leaves' are buttons. 

The printables are from (they are free!) I made the pumpkin a few years ago with my friend Michele. All we did was got the pumpkin at walmart and used tacky glue to glue ribbon down the lines of the pumpkin. Super easy!

I have had this wreath for like 3 years. I just keep taking off the things I put on it and re-vamping it. All I did was wrap a straw wreath with burlap, and make a bow out of chevron fabric (from walmart) and glued it on!

This was SO easy too! I got the wooden letters at hobby lobby. Painted them black. Distressed them a little, and attached the letters with orange ribbon! I saw something like this on pinterest a while ago and so it wasn't my idea. 

Here are a few of my favorite pinterest fall pins! 
this cute pumpkin is only made of cinnamon sticks, and mason jar lids that are spray painted! How easy and cute! It would be a cute centerpiece. Found HERE

now this, looks like such a yummy, EASY treat to make! Whipped cream, butterscotch pudding, candy corn, and chocolate cake! delish! Found HERE

These are so cute and would be pretty easy to make. Found HERE

I am a fan of decorating pumpkins instead of carving. They last much longer! There wasn't a link to this one but it looks pretty self explanatory. 

This is SO cute. I cant wait to have my own house to decorate my porch with some day. Oh how I long to sit on my porch sipping hot cocoa on a big porch swing... There was no link to this picture either. 

Some plans we have for fall this year are: Drive up the canyon to see the leaves changing, go to a pumpkin patch, trick or treating, annual family halloween parties, making lots of yummy fall treats, getting fall family pictures, and carving pumpkins with Jon and Kenna! (we do it every year!) 

What are your plans?

Friday, September 27, 2013

my 10 minute makeup regimen

Ok my friends, I have been asked to do a little tutorial on how I do my makeup every day. What's my beauty regimen? Let me tell you- I really only put makeup on once a week to be honest. I usually put mascara on every day, MAYBE some foundation, but I am too lazy and busy to take the time to do my makeup. But when I do, I spend only about 10 minutes, and its super easy. So I don't know why I don't do it more often.  Here is what I do to put my face on when I am going for a super natural, easy look. 

This is what I look like before I put my makeup on. Luckily, I am pretty acne free right now. I will credit that to my desert dry skin.. grr. I have white eyelashes and my eyebrows are super light too. And I swear my right eye is bigger than my left.. But that's a whole another story. 

For moistureizer, I use cetaphil. I have tried multiple moisturizers including Mary Kay and honestly, this one works the best for me. I love it! You can get it at any drug store. 

After I put my moisturizer on, I let it dry/soak in for a minute. Then I use my foundation Primer. This is a MUST if you want your makeup to look smooth, even, and stay on. I really like the Mary Kay Brand but I have also tried bare minerals primer and love that too. The thing I like about this is that it as SPF 15 in it. You really only need a pea size. A little bit goes a long way. Rub it in all over your face. 

Then, I apply a lash primer. Love this one by Mary Kay. I've never tried different brands in this though so I'm open to suggestions if you all know of a better one! I like lash primer because it bulks up your lashes. My lashes are so fine and short and thin that I need all the help I can get! 

After I apply that, I usually let it dry, then curl my lashes. Currently I cant find my eyelash curler, so I will have to do without. has my favorite curler for just a dollar. I usually heat up my lash curler with a blow dryer real fast before I curl my lashes. 

Then, I apply an eyeshadow primer, that I got HERE.

This helps your eyeshadow stay on, and in my case, covers up the veins and discoloration on my eyelids. Just spread it all on then rub in. (this photo was before I rubbed it in.)

Then comes your concealer. Many people apply concealer very very wrong... Here are some tips on how to apply it if you need some: 
I currently am using this concealer from ELF

I usually use a brush to apply mine. This brush is a brush I got from Bare Minerals. 

This is after I blended all the concealer. Normally you would put concealer on after you put your foundation, but I didnt have much to conceal (luckily my skin is clear right now) so I just did it under.

I am LOVING this eyeshadow from ELF. It seriously lasts all day, and only costs $3!! buy it HERE

All I did was apply it to my lower eyelid. (yes, I know my brows need waxed. BAD.) Tips on applying eyeshadow can be found here:

Then, I went ahead and added a peachy color on the inner eye just to add some color. 

I used the peach one in the middle.

Then applied this right under my brow. 

This is how it turned out. 

After applying eyeshadow, I used a brush to brush away any eyeshadow that got under my eyes. I recently found this FIT Maybelline makeup that I love. Its so light weight, doesnt make my skin dry, and is affordable. So then, add this all over my face. 

And thats what it looks like covered. You can use a foundation brush instead of your fingers if you want more of a full coverage look. 

Now on to contouring and highlighting. You can get tips on how to do that here:
I just use some mary kay mineral powder to contour with, and some pressed powder to highlight with. 

 Then, I add some blush. I believe this is Elf's blush peachy peach..? The sticker came off. 

Then I use an angle brush and some brown eyeshadow to apply some eyeliner. I wanted super simple. 

You can hardly see the liner, but it is there. 

And now add the mascara, or false lashes. I love false lashes but I currently dont have any. I also applied a lip gloss that was just a light pink. 

And that's it! 

Hope you enjoyed it! Nothing Fancy :) 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

our summer

This summer was hard because I was in the last two months of my pregnancy and was SO hot and sick. But, we still tried to make it a fun, enjoyable summer. It was my last summer with just my Mia girl! Here's what we did this summer!

the pool was our best friend. We spent LOTS of time at the pool! Our favorite pool was the Lindon pool, but we also went to the Spanish Fork pool, and the Scera pool. All of them have their pros. 
We also went to the springville splash pad a bunch of times. That splash pad is THE BEST. It's not freezing cold water, and it has a little river running through it. Its so much fun. Mia has no fear of the water, which gives me fear haha. 

One day I was feeling too sick to take her to the pool so we just filled a bucket with water and played outside! She loved it. 

Mia got her first ride in the car cart at Maceys. She loved it. We spent lots of time with daddy on weekends and went to Maceys for ice cream cones lots!

 We tried Red Iguana for the first time.. yummmmy! 

 We went up to my sister Chelsey's a few times to play. Mia loved her trampoline. And her dog. And kitties. But hates the horse. 

She moved into a toddler bed in preparation of her baby brother arriving! She did fabulous moving into her toddler bed. I was really nervous but from the beginning she was great. We still let her have a binky at bed time but I want to get rid of it sooo bad. 

We went to Slurp- lots of times. Its delicious! Its just a drink/treat place and you can go to the drive up or go inside. Its a super cute place, and my two favorite drinks are mango mountain dew and guava fresca! 

We attended a fairy princess tea party! It was the cutest little tea party in the world. So classy and fun. I need to get Mia a pair of fairy wings. 

We got a fish- named Indigo! Mia loves the fish

Uncle Jared came to visit. Mia calls him "Gee" and loved him so much. We are sad he is gone. 

We celebrated all the city celebrations and 4th of july! We went to lots of parades and carnivals and fireworks. 

This was the 4th of july with Kenna and her family in front of her grandpas business on University Ave for the parade. Mia LOVES kenna. We have spend lots of time with Jon and Kenna. I dont know what I would do without those two.

We visited my brother in the hospital who unfortunately had a bummer of a summer in it. 

We went to a park almost every sunday afternoon

Kev and I got out to miller motor sports for a date

we welcomed baby brother into our family! 

We walked around the mall a lot. One night we ran into our favorite people, jon and kenna! love when that happens

McKay met his future wife (hahahaha) McKenna Durfey. The most beautiful baby girl I have ever met. 

our summer was so much fun. and hard. and hot. but it was so much fun. Next summer on our list of things to do is camping, more swimming, go do an internship (hopefully in Kansas so we can stay with my sister) and do some 5k's! Goodbye summer, hellllo fall! 


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