Tuesday, August 13, 2013

my thoughts on breastfeeding

I know this last week was national breast feeding week. I saw lots of people posting pictures of them breastfeeding their kids.. posts about breastfeeding.. etc. I have a little to share about my thoughts on that: 

With my first, I breast fed for the first 3 months. She was born two weeks early, and she had latch problems. She was in the NICU for 5 days and while in the NICU I pumped and nursed her every 2 or 3 hours. (We were allowed to stay in the rooming in rooms after I got discharged so we never had to leave her.) I had lots of milk the first month. Then, she got colic really bad.. and developed some major MAJOR gas. I tried cutting out all dairy but it didnt help. She would suck for two seconds and then pull off, scream, and pass gas. Every time she passed gas she screamed. I stuck it out for 3 months because I really wanted to breastfeed her just because for 1, it was my first time, and it was cheaper, and convenient, and I didnt want to get judged by others if I stopped since so many breastfeeding moms DO judge. 

After many trips to the doctor AND a trip to the GI Specialist, and many prayers and tears, and the baby loosing weight, and my milk slowly going away because of her not wanting to feed from her poor tummy issues... I decided along with my doctor that it was the best thing to just stop breast feeding and go ahead and formula feed. My doctor said "In a perfect world everyone would find it easy to breastfeed, and all babies would latch on great, and everyone would have an abundance of milk supply.. but thats not the case all the time." I appreciated his support SO much on the subject matter. So I went ahead and kept my head held high and switched to formula- which was a special kind for her tummy called Similac Alimentum. Luckily we had WIC because it's $27 a can. After switching her to the formula, she did awesome and started eating so much better! I just really felt good about my decision and knew it was what was best for my baby. 

I went in to Good Earth to get some probiotics to add to her diet since I wasn't breastfeeding anymore and the lady who worked there scolded me and told me I didnt know what was best for my baby. She told me what a mistake it was that I stopped breastfeeding.. I left the store in tears and will never ever shop there again. It was an unfair judgement because she had NO clue the pain my poor baby was going through with all the gas and milk protein problems she had and the lady had no idea the emotional hardships I had gone through the first 3 months.. And I felt like I really gave it a chance! I didnt just give up after a few weeks. 

Fast forward to now- I have had my second baby and so far breastfeeding is going pretty good. He is almost 3 weeks old and I feel like he eats great besides sometimes a shallow latch. I will continue breastfeeding unless something happens like the last time if he develops a tummy issue or something. So far- so good. That being said, I have experienced both sides now. Breast feeding, and formula feeding. With last week being breastfeeding week, I read lots of blog posts about people who had to supplement and were 'devastated' that they had to resort to formula. or how "Breastfeeding is the only way".. so on so forth.. 

Here is what I have to say about it: If your kid is getting fed- WHO CARES IF ITS BREAST MILK OR FORMULA. For goodness sake. We all need to stop judging how other moms make their choices. Even if someone decided not to breastfeed just because they didnt want to- who cares. Obviously there are benefits to breast feeding and your milk has great antibodies for the baby- but either way- I am so tired of people bashing on formula feeding moms! Its so sad. I have been one of those moms that was bashed on. It's not fair. We don't know the back story, and even if we did, as long as the baby is being fed its none of our business. 

I also hear people say you should be able to breastfeed uncovered in public. Sure, if you want to. I would rather cover up. Not because I think its a sexual thing AT ALL, because its not- but I am more of a private person and would also rather not see someone else's boob out in public lol. 

And if you want to post your breastfeeding pictures on the internet- I disapprove... (and here I am judging their decision to do so..) But its inappropriate. No one wants to see your child sucking on your boob. Sure its a beautiful bonding thing for you and your child. Key being YOU and YOUR child.. no one else. 

Anyway. Those are my thoughts on it. I had to vent it out.  Otherwise I might have commented something mean on the formula bashing moms blog. You breastfeed, or formula feed. And be proud of your decisions. YOUR Choice. 


Amie and Jesse said...

Gillian I completely agree with you! Way to stand up for yourself and all us supplementing moms. I was able to male it 6months with Josie but it was a struggle for the first 3 I wanted to quit so many times but was afraid of being judged, Josie went on a nursing strike and never came back after that but she is healthy and still going to be a smart baby!! You are a great mom and have adorable kids!! Ps this is Amie Winward :)

SewSara said...

Yes. This.

Jes said...

I don't see breastfeeding as a baby 'sucking on a boob.' I see it as the way a body was designed to nourish an infant. Some babies won't eat if covered. Some babies will only play with the cover, making it even more obvious what's going on.

I would rather see an infant nursing sans cover than the way most people eat in public. If I had to pick between covering a nursing infant or an adult's face it would be the adult. I never see an infant chewing with its mouth open or talking before swallowing.


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