Monday, August 26, 2013

Kevins Birthday, Mia eating dinner, and some recent pictures

On Aug. 20th, Kevin turned 27! I cant believe how old we are getting ;) We really don't have extra money to spare right now so I knew I had to do something fun and creative, but cheap for his birthday. I saw something similar to this on pinterest so I decided to go ahead with it- since Kevin's favorite flavor is Orange! The sign says "Orange you glad it's your birthday!" With a little medallion with a cupcake on it. I got orange colored things and orange flavored things. I only spent $12 on all of the below pictured :) He also got a new pair of biking gloves. I feel bad that he didnt get lots of fun gifts. Hopefully in the coming years we can celebrate a little more elaborately. (Because I LOVE to celebrate birthdays!) He ended up working and I had to work as well (I now work one day a week at Lifehouse dance studio) so we didnt go to lunch- but on my way home from work I did pick up some Costa Vida for dinner and took it to his work to eat with him. That was fun. I think he had a good birthday over all- and I hope he knows how much I love him! Happy Birthday Babe! 

Mia is such a funny, cute little girl! I have watched this video a million times because it just makes me smile. I took this video this week after seeing my friend post one of her daughter. I realized I didnt have any videos of her really at this age. I wanted to document how well she says words and just how funny she is. Love this girl! 

Below are a few pictures of my kiddos recently. I sure do think Kevin and I make cute kids.. They melt my heart! 

proud sister :) 

Mia LOVES her baby dolls. She walks around all day trying to feed them (haha) and patting their back and saying "shhhh" while kissing and rocking them. It really is the cutest thing! I love her imagination. 

Kevin snapped this picture of McKay and I last night. This little boy is SO sweet. I am loving these newborn snuggles!! 

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Kira said...

Do you have some sort of app that you can put those cute sayings and borders on? Soo cute!


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