Tuesday, August 20, 2013

2 is harder than one

Like my title says, two is harder than one. 
two kids, that is. 

I wasn't sure how Mia would react when McKay came. I thought she would either be really jealous, or be too young to realize what was happening, or absolutely love him to death (almost literally haha.) Well, it happens to be a mixture of all 3...

The day she saw him in the hospital for the first time, she was excited. But mostly just excited to see me since she hadn't in a day or so. She wanted up on my bed to snuggle. She got on my bed and saw her brother and said "baby!". She held him for a second and gave him a kiss and hug... but that love for him all wore off in about 3 minutes. Once she posed for the camera, she was done. She wanted mommy. She started throwing a tantrum in the room and I honestly dont know if it was because she was just tired or if she was jealous. Maybe a mixture of both. I think she sensed something was changing. 

Upon bringing him home, she was not quite sure what to think of him. One minute she wanted to kiss and hold him, and one minute she wanted nothing to do with him. That's about where shes at with it all today as well. She really does love him, and kisses him many times a day. When he cries, she tries to put his binky in. When he has a dirty diaper she says "pee pee". In the morning, the first thing she does when she wakes up is finds McKay and says "KK" and "shhhh" (we tell her to shhhh when he is sleeping.". Whenever he is in his swing, she makes sure the swing is going and that there is music playing. And then, takes his binky away. :) 

But.. then comes the evil doings. She always seems to get upset when I am holding him/feeding him. Of course the second he starts to nurse, she freaks out and either throws a lotion bottle at him (yes, she really did that..), hits/bites me, or hits him in the head. One time she actually pinched his little nipples. Who knows where in the heck she got the idea to do that. I could not believe how malicious it was hahaha. poor baby :( 

She started throwing tantrums. Bad ones. She has always been very independent but now the only time she wants to be independent is when it has to do with McKay. If she wants to hold him, or put in his binky, heaven forbid we help her or she will literally go boneless and fall to the ground screaming. Its really frustrating. Any time we are in the kitchen or doing anything really, she wants us to hold her. That is so not like her. She is a free spirit and wants to run and play normally... but since McKay was born I think she feels the lack of attention and wants to be held. I loose my temper a lot with her because I feel like I am constantly telling her "no" or "dont hit your brother" or "be soft".. She will not listen and I have had to put her in time out many times a day. I dont yell, I dont spank, but I do get frustrated and feel like I am failing at times. I dont want "no" to be the only word she hears out of my mouth. I want her to be happy and feel loved and attention, but it is so much harder to divide your attention between two children.. I cant imagine how my mom did it with 11 of us. 

Kevin and I have realized though since McKay was born that Mia has thrived on positive affirmations. She loves when we clap our hands and tell her good job for something great she did. She loves when we tell her she looks cute or pretty. She loves to be our helper. So, we are focusing on that and hoping that with time it will all become easier. Having them so close together (17 months) will be fun for them as they get older... but it sure is hard on me right now! I have to remember that Mia is still essentially a baby too- not quite a toddler so I have to not expect so much out of her. I sure do love her and love her fun, wild personality. Even if its crazy town all the time here. Even when I am mad at her I cant seem to get a smile off my face because of the silly things she does and says. 

I have definitaly braved the world with two kids already and gone places with them both. I just have to remember to be extra prepared. Have the baby fed right before we leave. Bring lots and LOTS of snacks for Mia, as well as her drink. Bring a blanket or a toy for her. Bring the stroller. And be quick when out and about. And make sure she's had a nap. Whew. What a chore! Hahaha. Am I the only one who things adding another one to the mix is pretty hard for a while? I'm sure it gets better. 

Anyway, here are some updates on the kiddos! 

Mia is almost 18 months old. She turns 18 months old on the 29th. 
She weighs 19.2 lbs
Not sure how tall she is.. we will find out at her doc appointment in a week or two. 
She's in size 3 diapers. Probably will be in those till she is potty trained. 
Size 3 shoes
12 month pants
6-9 and up to size 12 month onesies/shirts is what shes wearing
She loves to have her hair done (not the process of doing it, but after when it looks pretty) and says "cute!" after its all done. 
She loves her daddy SO much and follows him everywhere. 
She is obsessed with honey nut cheerios 
She thinks every teddy bear is a baby. 
She has 12 teeth (that includes 4 molars)
She loves to dance. LOVES it. Put on music and this girl will groove. 
She can do a somersault all by herself
She says so many words: ball, please, thank you, dad, mom, poppa, mimi (grammy), kk (McKay) food, drink, snack, milk, dog, kitty, horse (sometimes), no, hi, bye, 'see ya later', yeah, more, fish, bird (sometimes), outside, swing, and a few others that I cant think of right now. 
she can count to 3. No joke. 
She either takes 1 3 hour nap, or 2 1 1/2 hour-2 hour naps. Depends on the day. 
She is a cranky butt if she doesnt get a nap. :) 
She loves Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Dinosaur Train
I recently cut 1 1/2 inches off her hair-- picture below

We really love her so so much. She loves life. I am always amazed at how much energy she has. If you give her attention, shes a complete angel. She loves people and loves when people say hi to her. She has her daddy wrapped around his finger- thats for sure. 

As for McKay- he is a pretty good baby. He does NOT sleep well at night though. He takes great long naps during the day as long as he is fed and his bum is clean... but night time is rough. He gets up every hour wanting to eat, or grunting like he is in pain. Kevin and I have never heard so many noises out of a newborn as we do him. He is one of those babies that likes to be held to put him to sleep, or fed to put him to sleep. I dont want to give him bad habits but he's still a newborn so I figure for a little while longer I will let him get his way :) He loves to cluster feed at night. And sometimes during the day. Apparently my milk has a sleep aid in it because the second he gets some milk, he is out. He almost never eats on both sides at once because he falls asleep. Even if I undress him and tickle his feet or back he still wont wake up that little stinker ;) He eats really well during the day though- either that or my milk has some serious cream in it because he has already gained a pound and a half! He is going to be a little chunker. 

At his 2 week appointment, he weighed 8 lbs 11oz. and was 21 inches long. He is growing like a weed! We circumcised him and its all healed up and he has done really well with it. I dont know why in the world I did, but I watched it. Worst.Experience.Ever. I cried. He did not however. He just gasped for air. Yes, thats worse. 

He is still in newborn diapers, and newborn clothes, although he can wear a few of his 0-3 clothes. He loves his swing, and naps in it at least once or twice a day. 
He likes bath time, and has peed in the bath every single time I have given him one. 
He is very patient with his big sister :) 
He doesnt love being swaddled, but I swaddle him anyway because if he isn't, his arms flail everywhere and it wakes him up. Haha. 
He loves the carseat and car. Mia HATED it. still hates the car. But he seems to like it so thats nice!
He will take a binky, he does the best with the Nuk binkys. 
He will also take a bottle like a champ too. We got Dr. Browns bottles for him and he does great. 

Overall, he is a great baby and we are trying to get used to the life of two kids. 

I think he is as handsome as ever, and he looks just like his daddy. He has rolled over from back to tummy two times (seriously!) and has started smiling to show us his cute dimples even more! Oh how we love him so much. 

Overall, being a mom is still the best job in the world. I still would do anything for my kids. I love my kids more than words can express. It may be hard, but its so worth it. Every smile, every kiss, every hug, every snuggle, every love I get from them just melts my heart. It reminds me why I chose to be a mom. 

I wouldn't have it any other way. Kevin and I sit up and talk about our kids every night before bed, and laugh at the cute things they have done that day. We talk about how blessed we feel to have them both in our life, and only hope we can live up to our great expectations of being amazing parents for them both. Life is but a small moment on this earth, but we can't wait to spend eternity together as a family. 

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Cute, cute, cute. Your kids are just cute!


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