Monday, August 26, 2013

Kevins Birthday, Mia eating dinner, and some recent pictures

On Aug. 20th, Kevin turned 27! I cant believe how old we are getting ;) We really don't have extra money to spare right now so I knew I had to do something fun and creative, but cheap for his birthday. I saw something similar to this on pinterest so I decided to go ahead with it- since Kevin's favorite flavor is Orange! The sign says "Orange you glad it's your birthday!" With a little medallion with a cupcake on it. I got orange colored things and orange flavored things. I only spent $12 on all of the below pictured :) He also got a new pair of biking gloves. I feel bad that he didnt get lots of fun gifts. Hopefully in the coming years we can celebrate a little more elaborately. (Because I LOVE to celebrate birthdays!) He ended up working and I had to work as well (I now work one day a week at Lifehouse dance studio) so we didnt go to lunch- but on my way home from work I did pick up some Costa Vida for dinner and took it to his work to eat with him. That was fun. I think he had a good birthday over all- and I hope he knows how much I love him! Happy Birthday Babe! 

Mia is such a funny, cute little girl! I have watched this video a million times because it just makes me smile. I took this video this week after seeing my friend post one of her daughter. I realized I didnt have any videos of her really at this age. I wanted to document how well she says words and just how funny she is. Love this girl! 

Below are a few pictures of my kiddos recently. I sure do think Kevin and I make cute kids.. They melt my heart! 

proud sister :) 

Mia LOVES her baby dolls. She walks around all day trying to feed them (haha) and patting their back and saying "shhhh" while kissing and rocking them. It really is the cutest thing! I love her imagination. 

Kevin snapped this picture of McKay and I last night. This little boy is SO sweet. I am loving these newborn snuggles!! 

Friday, August 23, 2013

4 Years! Woot!

Kevin and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary on July 31st! It was only 6 days since I had the baby so we knew we couldn't do anything too outrageous. And lets face it, we don't have the money to do so anyway. BUT- the day turned out great! Infact, it was wonderful. My mom came over during her lunch hour to watch our kids while Kevin and I went to lunch at Olive Garden. It was a really nice, quiet lunch with my lover and we talked a lot about the past year and what we see in our future. He ended up having to go to work so our lunch date was all we could get in to celebrate. But it was great. We realized that just being a family and being with our kids is celebrating every day. 

We are so grateful for the wonderful things we have been blessed with in our lives. A job, two beautiful kids, food to eat, a car to drive, a place to live, family who loves us, and the Gospel! Knowing we get to spend eternity together is such a peaceful feeling. I seriously struck gold when I met Kevin. I fell in love with him on our first {awkward} date. I really did. Little did I know, he would fall in love with me too! 
It's been a wild ride with ups and downs. No, our marriage isn't perfect. We have our struggles. But I cannot tell you enough how lucky I feel to have married my amazing husband!! I like to read conference talks on marriage. I feel like they have so much wisdom and teach me so much. Recently, I read "Eternal Marriage" By Elder Burton Howard and my favorite quote he says is:
"If you want something to last forever, you treat it differently. … It becomes special because you have made it so."

That is SO true! Kevin always treats me with soft tones, love, patience, kindness, and care. Eternal Marriage is so sacred to me. I love to go back to the temple and do sealing sessions with Kevin so we can be reminded of the covenants we made to eachother. Since we all know Marriage is not easy, we must ALWAYS try diligently to make things work and flow and treat our spouses special. 

They say a true love story never ends. In our case, we have eternity because of the covenants we made in the Salt Lake Temple. I am so glad our love story will never end. It gets to continue to grow bigger, and bigger.

Happy Anniversary Kevin, I love you more than words will ever describe. I am so glad you are mine. Here's to eternity!

McKay 1 Month

My little McKay is 1 month old already! I can't believe how the time has gone by. 

  • He is such a patient little guy- considering his sister just wants to play with him and hold him all the time! 
  • He seems to be very calm and loves to snuggle (as do all newborns). He still wears size newborn diapers, newborn clothes, and is now weighing 9lbs 2oz.. (gaining two pounds since his birth!) 
  • He loves to eat, and loves to suck on his binky. 
  • He really likes to sleep on his side too (as long as I am watching him I will let him.) 
  • Bath time doesn't seem to be his favorite. He doesn't cry during it but he doesn't act pleased either. 
  • He sleeps in his crib in him and his sisters room. So far that arrangement isn't too bad. 
  • He is a noise maker. Grunts ALL.DAY.LONG. Its so hilarious to me! 
  • He has terrible gas, and if he is fussing I know its because his pants are messy.. 
We have loved having a little boy come to our family! Although I really dont know how to dress boys... Girls are so much more fun to dress! ;) He wears the same few outfits all the time because he is too little for all the 0-3 month stuff we have for him. So although he has gained two pounds already, he still only fits in newborn. It seems normal to have two kids but I wouldn't say it's easy. The only thing that is weird is saying I have 'kids' not just one. We are so blessed to have him as part of our family and we all love him so much. We just can't get enough of his yummy newborn smell, snuggles, noises, and cuteness. 

Happy One Month Mr. Handsome! We love you!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

2 is harder than one

Like my title says, two is harder than one. 
two kids, that is. 

I wasn't sure how Mia would react when McKay came. I thought she would either be really jealous, or be too young to realize what was happening, or absolutely love him to death (almost literally haha.) Well, it happens to be a mixture of all 3...

The day she saw him in the hospital for the first time, she was excited. But mostly just excited to see me since she hadn't in a day or so. She wanted up on my bed to snuggle. She got on my bed and saw her brother and said "baby!". She held him for a second and gave him a kiss and hug... but that love for him all wore off in about 3 minutes. Once she posed for the camera, she was done. She wanted mommy. She started throwing a tantrum in the room and I honestly dont know if it was because she was just tired or if she was jealous. Maybe a mixture of both. I think she sensed something was changing. 

Upon bringing him home, she was not quite sure what to think of him. One minute she wanted to kiss and hold him, and one minute she wanted nothing to do with him. That's about where shes at with it all today as well. She really does love him, and kisses him many times a day. When he cries, she tries to put his binky in. When he has a dirty diaper she says "pee pee". In the morning, the first thing she does when she wakes up is finds McKay and says "KK" and "shhhh" (we tell her to shhhh when he is sleeping.". Whenever he is in his swing, she makes sure the swing is going and that there is music playing. And then, takes his binky away. :) 

But.. then comes the evil doings. She always seems to get upset when I am holding him/feeding him. Of course the second he starts to nurse, she freaks out and either throws a lotion bottle at him (yes, she really did that..), hits/bites me, or hits him in the head. One time she actually pinched his little nipples. Who knows where in the heck she got the idea to do that. I could not believe how malicious it was hahaha. poor baby :( 

She started throwing tantrums. Bad ones. She has always been very independent but now the only time she wants to be independent is when it has to do with McKay. If she wants to hold him, or put in his binky, heaven forbid we help her or she will literally go boneless and fall to the ground screaming. Its really frustrating. Any time we are in the kitchen or doing anything really, she wants us to hold her. That is so not like her. She is a free spirit and wants to run and play normally... but since McKay was born I think she feels the lack of attention and wants to be held. I loose my temper a lot with her because I feel like I am constantly telling her "no" or "dont hit your brother" or "be soft".. She will not listen and I have had to put her in time out many times a day. I dont yell, I dont spank, but I do get frustrated and feel like I am failing at times. I dont want "no" to be the only word she hears out of my mouth. I want her to be happy and feel loved and attention, but it is so much harder to divide your attention between two children.. I cant imagine how my mom did it with 11 of us. 

Kevin and I have realized though since McKay was born that Mia has thrived on positive affirmations. She loves when we clap our hands and tell her good job for something great she did. She loves when we tell her she looks cute or pretty. She loves to be our helper. So, we are focusing on that and hoping that with time it will all become easier. Having them so close together (17 months) will be fun for them as they get older... but it sure is hard on me right now! I have to remember that Mia is still essentially a baby too- not quite a toddler so I have to not expect so much out of her. I sure do love her and love her fun, wild personality. Even if its crazy town all the time here. Even when I am mad at her I cant seem to get a smile off my face because of the silly things she does and says. 

I have definitaly braved the world with two kids already and gone places with them both. I just have to remember to be extra prepared. Have the baby fed right before we leave. Bring lots and LOTS of snacks for Mia, as well as her drink. Bring a blanket or a toy for her. Bring the stroller. And be quick when out and about. And make sure she's had a nap. Whew. What a chore! Hahaha. Am I the only one who things adding another one to the mix is pretty hard for a while? I'm sure it gets better. 

Anyway, here are some updates on the kiddos! 

Mia is almost 18 months old. She turns 18 months old on the 29th. 
She weighs 19.2 lbs
Not sure how tall she is.. we will find out at her doc appointment in a week or two. 
She's in size 3 diapers. Probably will be in those till she is potty trained. 
Size 3 shoes
12 month pants
6-9 and up to size 12 month onesies/shirts is what shes wearing
She loves to have her hair done (not the process of doing it, but after when it looks pretty) and says "cute!" after its all done. 
She loves her daddy SO much and follows him everywhere. 
She is obsessed with honey nut cheerios 
She thinks every teddy bear is a baby. 
She has 12 teeth (that includes 4 molars)
She loves to dance. LOVES it. Put on music and this girl will groove. 
She can do a somersault all by herself
She says so many words: ball, please, thank you, dad, mom, poppa, mimi (grammy), kk (McKay) food, drink, snack, milk, dog, kitty, horse (sometimes), no, hi, bye, 'see ya later', yeah, more, fish, bird (sometimes), outside, swing, and a few others that I cant think of right now. 
she can count to 3. No joke. 
She either takes 1 3 hour nap, or 2 1 1/2 hour-2 hour naps. Depends on the day. 
She is a cranky butt if she doesnt get a nap. :) 
She loves Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Dinosaur Train
I recently cut 1 1/2 inches off her hair-- picture below

We really love her so so much. She loves life. I am always amazed at how much energy she has. If you give her attention, shes a complete angel. She loves people and loves when people say hi to her. She has her daddy wrapped around his finger- thats for sure. 

As for McKay- he is a pretty good baby. He does NOT sleep well at night though. He takes great long naps during the day as long as he is fed and his bum is clean... but night time is rough. He gets up every hour wanting to eat, or grunting like he is in pain. Kevin and I have never heard so many noises out of a newborn as we do him. He is one of those babies that likes to be held to put him to sleep, or fed to put him to sleep. I dont want to give him bad habits but he's still a newborn so I figure for a little while longer I will let him get his way :) He loves to cluster feed at night. And sometimes during the day. Apparently my milk has a sleep aid in it because the second he gets some milk, he is out. He almost never eats on both sides at once because he falls asleep. Even if I undress him and tickle his feet or back he still wont wake up that little stinker ;) He eats really well during the day though- either that or my milk has some serious cream in it because he has already gained a pound and a half! He is going to be a little chunker. 

At his 2 week appointment, he weighed 8 lbs 11oz. and was 21 inches long. He is growing like a weed! We circumcised him and its all healed up and he has done really well with it. I dont know why in the world I did, but I watched it. Worst.Experience.Ever. I cried. He did not however. He just gasped for air. Yes, thats worse. 

He is still in newborn diapers, and newborn clothes, although he can wear a few of his 0-3 clothes. He loves his swing, and naps in it at least once or twice a day. 
He likes bath time, and has peed in the bath every single time I have given him one. 
He is very patient with his big sister :) 
He doesnt love being swaddled, but I swaddle him anyway because if he isn't, his arms flail everywhere and it wakes him up. Haha. 
He loves the carseat and car. Mia HATED it. still hates the car. But he seems to like it so thats nice!
He will take a binky, he does the best with the Nuk binkys. 
He will also take a bottle like a champ too. We got Dr. Browns bottles for him and he does great. 

Overall, he is a great baby and we are trying to get used to the life of two kids. 

I think he is as handsome as ever, and he looks just like his daddy. He has rolled over from back to tummy two times (seriously!) and has started smiling to show us his cute dimples even more! Oh how we love him so much. 

Overall, being a mom is still the best job in the world. I still would do anything for my kids. I love my kids more than words can express. It may be hard, but its so worth it. Every smile, every kiss, every hug, every snuggle, every love I get from them just melts my heart. It reminds me why I chose to be a mom. 

I wouldn't have it any other way. Kevin and I sit up and talk about our kids every night before bed, and laugh at the cute things they have done that day. We talk about how blessed we feel to have them both in our life, and only hope we can live up to our great expectations of being amazing parents for them both. Life is but a small moment on this earth, but we can't wait to spend eternity together as a family. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

my thoughts on breastfeeding

I know this last week was national breast feeding week. I saw lots of people posting pictures of them breastfeeding their kids.. posts about breastfeeding.. etc. I have a little to share about my thoughts on that: 

With my first, I breast fed for the first 3 months. She was born two weeks early, and she had latch problems. She was in the NICU for 5 days and while in the NICU I pumped and nursed her every 2 or 3 hours. (We were allowed to stay in the rooming in rooms after I got discharged so we never had to leave her.) I had lots of milk the first month. Then, she got colic really bad.. and developed some major MAJOR gas. I tried cutting out all dairy but it didnt help. She would suck for two seconds and then pull off, scream, and pass gas. Every time she passed gas she screamed. I stuck it out for 3 months because I really wanted to breastfeed her just because for 1, it was my first time, and it was cheaper, and convenient, and I didnt want to get judged by others if I stopped since so many breastfeeding moms DO judge. 

After many trips to the doctor AND a trip to the GI Specialist, and many prayers and tears, and the baby loosing weight, and my milk slowly going away because of her not wanting to feed from her poor tummy issues... I decided along with my doctor that it was the best thing to just stop breast feeding and go ahead and formula feed. My doctor said "In a perfect world everyone would find it easy to breastfeed, and all babies would latch on great, and everyone would have an abundance of milk supply.. but thats not the case all the time." I appreciated his support SO much on the subject matter. So I went ahead and kept my head held high and switched to formula- which was a special kind for her tummy called Similac Alimentum. Luckily we had WIC because it's $27 a can. After switching her to the formula, she did awesome and started eating so much better! I just really felt good about my decision and knew it was what was best for my baby. 

I went in to Good Earth to get some probiotics to add to her diet since I wasn't breastfeeding anymore and the lady who worked there scolded me and told me I didnt know what was best for my baby. She told me what a mistake it was that I stopped breastfeeding.. I left the store in tears and will never ever shop there again. It was an unfair judgement because she had NO clue the pain my poor baby was going through with all the gas and milk protein problems she had and the lady had no idea the emotional hardships I had gone through the first 3 months.. And I felt like I really gave it a chance! I didnt just give up after a few weeks. 

Fast forward to now- I have had my second baby and so far breastfeeding is going pretty good. He is almost 3 weeks old and I feel like he eats great besides sometimes a shallow latch. I will continue breastfeeding unless something happens like the last time if he develops a tummy issue or something. So far- so good. That being said, I have experienced both sides now. Breast feeding, and formula feeding. With last week being breastfeeding week, I read lots of blog posts about people who had to supplement and were 'devastated' that they had to resort to formula. or how "Breastfeeding is the only way".. so on so forth.. 

Here is what I have to say about it: If your kid is getting fed- WHO CARES IF ITS BREAST MILK OR FORMULA. For goodness sake. We all need to stop judging how other moms make their choices. Even if someone decided not to breastfeed just because they didnt want to- who cares. Obviously there are benefits to breast feeding and your milk has great antibodies for the baby- but either way- I am so tired of people bashing on formula feeding moms! Its so sad. I have been one of those moms that was bashed on. It's not fair. We don't know the back story, and even if we did, as long as the baby is being fed its none of our business. 

I also hear people say you should be able to breastfeed uncovered in public. Sure, if you want to. I would rather cover up. Not because I think its a sexual thing AT ALL, because its not- but I am more of a private person and would also rather not see someone else's boob out in public lol. 

And if you want to post your breastfeeding pictures on the internet- I disapprove... (and here I am judging their decision to do so..) But its inappropriate. No one wants to see your child sucking on your boob. Sure its a beautiful bonding thing for you and your child. Key being YOU and YOUR child.. no one else. 

Anyway. Those are my thoughts on it. I had to vent it out.  Otherwise I might have commented something mean on the formula bashing moms blog. You breastfeed, or formula feed. And be proud of your decisions. YOUR Choice. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

more pics from mckay's birth

I love the pictures from his birth. 
I have alot of them and I love looking back at them and seeing all the pics that share the details.. like the room number I was in, his tag on his leg, snuggling with his mommy, his tiny hands.. all the above! So I thought I would share a few more pictures I have from that day. 

My mom took this one. He looks so peaceful! 

I love the cute name signs the nurses make for the babies. 

This picture melts my heart! I love when babies grab your hand. 

The last few were taken by Stacia Klemas Photography. Stacia was in my last ward and we have become really great friends! She takes amazing pictures and for some reason always offers to take pictures of my cute kids. :) I am grateful I have such great pictures that she has taken of Mia and McKay. I love these next pictures. They were not posed. She just came and took pictures of us snuggling! 

look at that spiky hair! 

We sure are loving our McKay. He is a wonderful addition to our family. The second part of the birth will be posted this weekend. I promise! 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

McKay's Birth Story

McKay Kevin Mohlman joined our family on July 25th at 10:44 PM! It was a rather quick delivery and was relatively painless. Here's the birth story: 

*my friend Stacia Klemas from Stacia Klemas Photography took some of these pictures and my mom took some as well. Stacia was there to do the birth photography for us! Thanks Stacia!! (And Thanks mom for the pics too!)

I had basically been in labor for a month. I was having contractions about 7-10 minutes apart for weeks and every once in a while they would get 5-7 minutes apart. They were getting painful as the days went on, and I ended up getting checked at the hospital 2 times to see if it was real labor. Obviously both times they sent me home, because although I was contracting regularly, my cervix wasn't dilating. 

As most of you know, I hate being pregnant. Not that I am not grateful when I am pregnant because I really did feel blessed, but it's not easy for me. All the throwing up, the IV fluids, the aches, the tiredness... I just don't function well when I am pregnant. This pregnancy was worse than Mia's in my opinion. And, like you read in my last post, was added with some unpleasant heart tachycardia. I keep telling myself that I am done, never having more, although I love LOVE newborns/kids.. I just cant bear the thought of having to do another pregnancy. But I know come a year or two I will be baby hungry again and will probably feel like we have to continue adding to our family at one point or another. And I also know there are people who have worse off pregnancies than I have, but I must just be more wimpy. 

So by the time I hit week 36, I was so so ready to be done.  Thats when I went in and figured out about my heart issue. It scared me to death, and I honestly was worried about how my delivery would go.. if I would pass out, if the baby would get enough oxygen.. all these worries were going through my head. But, alas, I made it two more weeks. I was to get induced August 1st, (6 days before my due date) but McKay decided to come one week before that! YAY. I remember the day before I had him I was just bawling my eyes out. I was telling Kevin that I just could not go one more day being pregnant. I had just gone in for IV fluids that week from throwing up 10 times in 24 hours and I just physically didnt want to endure it anymore. I just wanted it to be over and to be holding my sweet baby boy. I prayed that night that at my appointment the next day, the doctor would say I was far enough dilated that we could just go to the hospital and get things going. It was still two weeks early so I was a little nervous but just hoped for the best. 

The next morning, I convinced myself that that was the day. The 25th was going to be his birthday. I was determined to push that baby out by the end of the day. I went to Target that morning and got a few things I needed for his diaper bag (binkys and diaper rash cream and a changing pad). When I got home, I showered, did my makeup, and let my hair air dry curly. My doctors appointment was at 1:45 that day, and my bestie Kenna was going to go with me since Kevin had to go into work. I told Kevin that if anything happened I would call and he could meet us at the hospital. 

I packed up Mia in the car and headed to pick up Kenna from her house. We then headed down to my doctor (which is in Payson.) Kenna had packed water, snacks, and brought a trash bag incase I threw up. Haha. What a good friend! Always planning ahead :) Dr. Crouch planned to strip my membranes that day and I was SO nervous because I remember it hurting so bad with Mia.. and the fact that my uterus is tilted was going to make it hurt even worse! I told Kenna she had to hold my hand. The Dr. went to check my cervix and said "Hey, you are at a 5!!" and then quickly stripped my membranes which this time didnt hurt at all. He said he was positive I was going to go into labor that night. He said "Don't make me a liar.. but I will see you at the hospital tonight!" He advised me to go in as soon as I started having timeable contractions since I was already so far dilated. I was also 75% effaced. I kinda started worrying that I wouldnt make it to the hospital in time for an epidural.. and I am ALL for the meds and no pain. So I think I kinda put my body in a stress and thats probably what really started the contractions. 

On the way home, I was having contractions 4 minutes apart. So, off to home Kenna took me to make sure we had Mia's overnight bag packed for her stay at grammy's, my hospital bag, and the diaper bag. We got all that put together and by 5 pm we were at the hospital! 

I called Kevin and my mom, and his mom too. His mom was going to meet us at the hospital to take Mia and my mom was going to come watch the birth with Kenna and Kevin. When I went to check in on the Labor and Delivery floor, they informed me that they had no rooms available... um, what?! She said if worse came down to worse I would deliver in the operating room. Oh crap. She said I had to wait in the waiting room till a room became available. Then I REALLY started stressing... um, with every contraction I was getting closer, and I really wanted that epidural before I had to push! Around 5:20 they finally called me back to a room! They checked me and I was STILL at a 5. Dang it. So I asked for my epidural and they said they had to keep me for an hour to see if I changed before they could give the epi. At this point I could still talk and walk through my contractions, but they were getting stronger and I was having a few contractions that I had to pause and breathe deep. While I was hooked up to the monitor, my pulse was at 250... and stayed there for about 5 minutes. I was feeling light headed and could feel my heart beating so fast. 

The nurses and my OB decided that no matter what they were going to keep me to watch my heart and my OB was certain that once I got my epi I would relax and things would get going. Still, they decided to move me into a special room that had a heart monitor to monitor me closer. Thank goodness, because the room had great views and was huge!! 

Here are some pics of me getting my IV and epi. Kevin stepped out to get dinner at that time because he gets really queasy with needles and I didnt want him passing out. So, Kenna was my hand squeezer! 

Here are a few pictures- my view, my room number, me filling out paper work, my contractions, baby's heart rate, me eating my fave treat (pebbled ice with lime flavor), the white board welcoming McKay, the amount of pitocen I was on (Doc had another delivery in Payson and I was fine on pit so I could have the baby quicker to ensure I got the doc to deliver me before he had to go deliver the other girl!), and again my ice! 

Once I had my epi, it was a party in my room. We were all laughing, the Doc was cracking jokes, I had a fun nurse.. It was fun. I was REALLY tired but could not fall asleep. I was too anxious. My OB had a resident working with him, his name was Ben. I loved him! He was super funny and I felt completely comfortable with him. He seemed very experienced. 

My epidural was perfect because I couldn't feel pain, but I could feel pressure so I kind of knew when I was ready. With Mia's I had no idea and thats probably part of the reason I pushed for 2 dang hours. The doctor broke my water a little after I got my epidural and I felt like fluid was coming out for EVER. I had extra fluid with this baby so I am sure it really was coming out for a long time. We soon noticed the baby's oxygen was dropping, so I had to get oxygen to help out the little guy. 

Around 10:30 the nurse came in to check me. I was at an 8. She said she was going to go get the Doc and start getting things ready to push. I was so excited! Less than 5 minutes later, the Doc came in. He said he was going to check me. I told him the nurse had just done that and I was at an 8. He said he still wanted to check me because his 8 and her 8 could be different. So, he checked me and said "You are at a 10, and here comes a contraction so PUSH! 10,9,8,7...." They literally were throwing on their delivery clothes and gloves and pulling my legs up in the stirrups as he was counting. We all were kinda just in shock like wait! What! Its time?! I did feel lots of pressure before he checked me, as if I knew the baby was ready to come. Such a cool feeling! 

Scrambling to get ready to deliver my baby!

Now came the scary part. Less than 10 minutes after pushing, he was there! At 10:44 PM, McKay was here. 7lbs 5oz. 18 inches long. I couldnt believe how fast he came out. I didnt even tear! While I was pushing they realized he was posterior, so the doctor had to turn his head. (Which thankfully I didnt feel!!) When he came out, the cord was wrapped around his head twice really tight. The doctors untangled it quickly, but McKay wasn't crying, moving, or appear to be breathing. The minute he came out and I saw how purple he was I just about had a heart attack. It was Mia all over again, but worse. (Mia was purple and not breathing too when she came out.) 

As excited as I was that he was here, I was crying because I was so scared he wasn't going to start breathing. He really was lifeless. His whole body was limp. I looked at my mom and she was crying as well.. Kevin I think was freaking out a little too because it just brought back memories of Mia's birth and the NICU all over again.. 

I wanted to cut the cord, so I did! It was awesome. But the longer he was on my chest, the more purple he became. 

The Respiratory team and NICU nurses came in to take care of him. The doc kept asking if they had pushed 'code' and to get the oxygen for him going. The oxygen machine in there wasn't working for him so the team had to bring another one in. All this time I just wanted to see what was going on but I had to stay where I was. Tears were just flowing down my face from pure fear. Kevin and I were quiet as my mom was over by the baby with tears welling up in her eyes too. FINALLY, after almost 5 minutes since he was born, he let out a little cry. His Apgar score was a 1. So the NICU team said he had to go up there to be on the CPAP machine and be watched over for a bit. I was devastated, but glad he was finally breathing! I begged to hold him again but they said no, so Kevin made them wheel McKay over to me for me to at least touch his cheek and hold his hand before they took him away.  

The team workin on my baby. They didnt even weigh him or measure him in my room. They took him right away. I was so sad I didnt even know how much he weighed when they took him! 

Tearing up for my baby..

His face got terribly bruised from being posterior- you can see it here. 

He finally turned pink everywhere but his poor bruised face. 

Touching his sweet cheeks before he left.

Off to the NICU he went..

Kevin and I after it was all said and done.. relieved to not be pregnant anymore!! 

That's all I have time for tonight. Time to feed baby and go to bed :) Part two coming soon! 

By the way, people have asked how his name came about. We had the hardest time choosing a name! We didnt choose his name until right as they were taking him to the NICU. The night before I had him, my neice was telling me that Kevin used to call himself "Me-K". She said we should name our baby McKay because of that. I thought it was super cute that Kevin called him self Me-K and it sounded so similar to McKay.. It would be a cute story to tell. When he finally arrived I asked Kevin what he wanted to name him and he told me I could name him whatever I wanted! So, McKay Kevin it was! :)


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