Tuesday, July 16, 2013

pre-labor woes

Well this last weekend was one for the books. 

It all started Wednesday night around 9 pm. I started having contractions that weren't just braxton hicks. They were timeable, about 7 minutes apart and hurting. They weren't super close but were getting stronger and stronger. I didnt sleep all night. I kind of thought I was going to go into labor that night, but kept praying I wouldn't.. I was not ready yet. It was one of those nights when I can't wait for the sun to come up. Luckily, I woke up and wasn't having any contractions! They had stopped. Thank goodness. I took it super easy that day and hardly did anything. 

Well, same thing happened the next night. (Thursday) These contractions though were 5-7 minutes apart, and some were closer. They were really strong and I was feeling tons of pressure. My water hadn't broken so I just tried not to worry. Also, my OB happened to be out of town all week and wouldnt be back till 2 days later. I prayed lots and lots that night just trying to get some sleep! 

The next morning- Friday, I stopped having contractions again. At least for an hour or two. Around the early afternoon, they returned. Kevin had to work, and I was getting worried that all these contractions were actually progressing me. My biggest fear is going into labor at home and not getting an epidural. I know it sounds silly but I know my body and there is no way I could (or would want) to do it naturally. I didnt want to labor too much at home and then get to the hospital too late for an epidural. I told Kevin about all the pain I had and all the contractions. I told him I was going to go to the hospital to get checked. I didnt choose to go to my doctor in payson because he was out of town, and so was his partner. Plus, the hospital is closer.. what was the worst they could do, send me home? 

I had noticed something else too. I had just been so short of breath and light headed the past month. I thought it was because of the braxton hicks causing that, or just the position of the baby, or low iron or sugar intake... (At least thats what the doctor thought too. He didnt seem worried.) I went to target one day a few weeks ago with my friend Ally and literally almost passed out 4 different times. I had eaten and gotten plenty of water that day so I had no idea why I was feeling that way. I ended up having to sit down in a bunch of the aisles so I wouldnt pass out. I It was really really weird... 

So I told Kevin if I really was in labor I would call him and have him come with me. He kept telling me I was talking myself into labor and that I needed to just relax but I just had this feeling like something was up. So, off I went. Mia in hand. I called my mother in law to come walk around the hospital with Mia while I was getting checked. Bless her heart, she was there and dropped everything for us. She always does. I got checked in, and sure enough, I was contracting every 5-7 minutes. When I got there, I was dilated to a 2 1/2 and 70% effaced.  While hooked up, I got really light headed. I thought I was going to pass out. Luckily the nurse was in there, she looked at my pulse, and it read 180. She asked if I could feel my heart racing. I said I just mostly felt short of breath. She wasn't believing the machine was reading that fast so she listened to me on her own, and had another nurse do so. Looked like the machine was right. Then, it spiked up to 220. It was all over the place. That alarmed the nurse, so she stepped out to call the OB on call- Dr. Dewey. (BTW, I REALLY dislike him. More on that later.) The nurse promptly came back in and said they were concerned with the rapid pulse rate. They wanted me to go through all these tests. Their first thought was that I had a blood clot in my lung. (WHAT?!) So I started freaking out, knowing how serious those are, and Kevin wasn't there. I called Kevins mom in the room and had her call Kevin to get to the hospital. 

They immediately rolled me down to the CT scan room to get an angio with contrast. Getting a CT is possibly one of the worst tests you can get while pregnant because you have to lay flat on your back, and that put so much pressure on my back that I got really sick and they had to pull me out half way through before I threw up everywhere. It was awful. 

Finally, the test was over and I was headed back up to my room for an ECG and some blood tests to check my thyroid and CBC and iron. All the blood tests came back normal (thank goodness.) and the ECG showed really rapid heart rate but nothing abnormal in the patterns. (Thank goodness again!) So then, I was really worried that it really could be the blood clot. I waited another half hour and the test came back negative! Thank goodness once again, no blood clot! I had gotten a blessing right before all my tests from Kevin and my father in law Carl and I know that blessing helped! 

But, my heart rate/pulse was still all over the place. At this point it was probably 6 and I had been at the hospital since 3. They checked me again, and I hadn't dilated more than what I was before. So although I was having painful contractions and they were consistent, they weren't changing me. But, they still didnt want me to come home. The nurses moved me into another room to hook me up to this heart monitor while still checking my contractions. I was starving and thirsty but they wouldnt let me eat or drink. I had one nurse who was convinced I was going to go into labor. The doctors then sent in a hospitalist (or internal medicine specialist or something) who happened to be Dr. Colver! (He is in my parents ward). He came in and talked with me for a while. By that time my heart rate had slowed down to about 116 and was staying around there. So it was still high but not spiking like it was. He asked me if I was under a lot of stress, and obviously being pregnant has been a stress (yet a blessing) in the past 9 months but I didnt feel any certain stress pressing in my life.. He decided he wanted to send me home with a Holter Monitor (heart monitor) for 24 hours so they could detect if I had a short circuit in my heart. If I did have a short circuit, I would either have to go on medicine, or get a catheter ablation procedure (http://www.hrsonline.org/Patient-Resources/Treatment/Catheter-Ablation#axzz2ZGX65eiz)

At this point I was really grateful I went into the hospital because if I hadn't, I may never would have known about this potentially dangerous heart thing! After Dr. Colver talked to us, it was around 9 pm, and Kevin had to return to work. My darling friend Kenna showed up and took care of me from there. I have a friend who works in the NICU and happened to be working so she also came to visit! It was such a nice thing to have Justina and Kenna there keeping me calm. The nurse informed me that I had to wait a while before the people could bring me up the holter monitor to hook it up so she said since I wasn't dilating, I was probably not in true labor and was welcome to go get food and come back up to wait for the people to bring my monitor. So, I sat up, and BAM, had a HUGE contraction and told kenna to grab me the garbage and I threw up. She held my hair and rubbed my back. Poor girl had to see my barf.. lol luckily it wasn't food! Just bile since I basically hadn't eaten all day. The nurse then was convinced I was going to go into labor in the next 24 hours because nausea is a sign of labor. By then I didnt dare eat any real food so she brought me some juice and crackers. 

Kenna and I sat in the room and visited until the people came up. Finally, at 10:15, they showed up, gave me the run down on the test, and we got discharged around 11:15 pm. We went down to the cafe and I attempted to eat something and felt alot better after. I got home around midnight still having contractions but they had slowed down by this point. Mia  ended up sleeping over at my mother in laws since we didnt know when we would get out of the hospital that day, so we came home and went to sleep- hoping on a nice quiet rest.. but that stupid monitor on my chest was so bothersome. I had 7 probes hooked up to me, and three of them were really close together that every time I layed on my side they pinched my skin. But I can't lay on my back with how big I am now. So I didnt sleep much. 

When we woke up, I felt like a train hit me. I was so beyond tired and my whole body was aching. Contractions slowed down to about every 8-10 minutes luckily. It was my family baby shower so I headed over to that and Kevin went to pick up Mia. While at the shower I was so tired and having some rapid pulse and contractions and I just felt like crap. It was a super fun shower with amazing food and I got some really cute stuff! I was really sad that no one from my family came except for Kaitlin. :( But, grateful for the fun time and grateful for all the effort put into it by Kevins family. Love you all! 

The rest of that day, we took it easy and I took a loooong nap. Once 10 pm came around, we had Kaitlin and Chad come sit with Mia while she was sleeping so we could return the monitor to the hospital. When we got there, I had decided we should get me checked again since I had still had contractions that day, and just for curiosity since I was there anyway. Around dinner time that night I had contractions like 3 mins apart for a whole hour so I thought they were really doing something. I got checked and indeed I had changed but only to a 3 from the day before... So not by much. After sitting there for over an hour and no more changes, we decided to go home and were so grateful that I wasn't in active labor because I just wanted to go home and SLEEP. 

We went home and I slept really well that night. :) The next day, (Sunday) I went to church, only made it an hour but at least I went. Luckily, the contractions had pretty much stopped all day! Yay! And, good news, if I did go into labor, at least my doc was back in town! 

Monday was good as well with close to no contractions. Just a waiting game to get my heart results back. 

Now, up to speed to today, I had my OB appointment. When I got there, my doc had been filled in and had my test results back from my heart test. I was having a few tachycardia episodes in the 24 hours, but not enough to make them worried that it was actually a problem! That was good news to me, but also troubling because I guess now its just a waiting game for them to go away or I will have to visit this issue again in the future. Hopefully its only something I will have while pregnant (since I cant see myself getting pregnant again lol) and I wont have to deal with it after this baby is out. 

He didnt check my cervix today because he didnt want to stir anything up- as he is leaving to go out of town AGAIN tomorrow until the 23rd! I was measuring 6 weeks ahead, so they did a fetal weight ultrasound and looks like right now the baby weighs roughly 7 lbs 8 oz. So im doomed to a huge baby. Dang it. Now I REALLY want that epidural... :) At least he looks perfectly healthy. And my fluid is about 22. 23 is the cut off.. so lets hope it doesnt get higher in the next week. 

Next week the doc plans to strip my membranes to see if I will go into labor on my own before he induces me Aug. 1st. 

Now that I know my heart isn't a huge issue, and I am past 37 weeks, I feel ok about the baby coming now. 

As long as my doc is in town at least. 

My next appointment is the 25th, so lets hope he stays cookin till then, and then I am ALL For him coming that day even :) 

Thanks for all the prayers- we are hoping everything is smoother from here on out! 


Michele Thomas said...

Gillian!! Holy moly! What a crazy past week you've had! I wish I would have known about all the craziness so I could've helped out! I'm so sorry I missed your shower! When it was cancelled we ended up making plans, but I will for sure come visit and bring something by after you have your lil mister! Please let me know if you need anything!! Love ya!

Jess Clark said...

Mom told me about this and I'm glad it turned out well!


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