Monday, July 1, 2013

our apartment

I dont remember if I posted pictures of our apartment or not, so I decided to take a few today. Luckily it's semi-clean. I need to deep clean it before the baby comes in 5 weeks or less. 

Here is our bathroom. I love having a bathroom without the laundry in it. Only bad thing about this bathroom is that it gets really hot for some reason, and we can't keep the door open unless Mia is asleep. (she likes to play with the trash and toilet.)

My favorite thing about the bathroom is the trifold mirrors!! Makes doing my hair so much easier. There is a lot more storage in this bathroom than the one we had before. 

We need to install some towel rack hooks or something because our rack is really small. 

 This is our front room. Its actually a huge room. The pictures don't do it justice. We have to use our coffee table as the TV stand because Mia kept falling and hitting her head on it. So we moved it to the wall and now she never falls on it. Favorite things about this room- its huge, the window is massive so it gets so much light. (we never have to turn on the light!)

The things I hate about this room is that it gets EXTREMELY hot from all the sunlight that comes in. And the ceiling fan is ugly. But we have new carpet so I dont mind. :) The closets along the back wall are so so so big. I cant believe how much storage I have!!!

One closet is all my craft stuff and decorations. I REALLY need to organize it but I love how much space it has. The other closet is Kevins man closet. Bike, snowboard, tools, camping stuff.. etc. 

Here is the corner of our front room. See our tiny ac window unit? ya, doesnt even cool this room off. im dying of heat. The mirror is eventually going to be hung in our kitchen on this huge empty wall we have above the table but Mia loves to look at her self, and we dont have screws for the mirror yet.

Here is the nursery as of today! I need to still get a bumper, a lamp, an IKEA cubby/storage thing, and a blanket for Mia's bed. But so far its coming along. 

She now sleeps in a toddler bed and when I was taking pictures of her room she jumped up on her bed and said "cheese!" She loves to be in pictures. :)

Here is her closet. We only have some size one diapers, I need to hurry and get newborn ones. Mia was in them forever.. I bet he will be too. 

I put his clothes in those white bins (although they are not even half way full at all) because they will eventually go in the IKEA cubby thing we are getting. And then hung all Mia's dresses/jackets

We got a bed frame for our mattress. Love it so far.

I have a few pics to upload later and more blog posts, but I am going to take Mia to the pool first. Its too hot in our apartment to sit here. 

peace out


Ammon said...

You always decorate your places so well. You have lots of cute ideas. Now if you can just get that landlord to pay attention to the things you need to have fixed it will be great.
Maybe he will melt tomorrow when he visits. :)

Ammon said...

Oops - that was Mom, not Ammon.


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