Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Life List

I started a life list of things I want to accomplish tonight. It will be a never ending list i'm sure, but here's a start. The things crossed off are accomplished. Whats on your list?
  1. Visit Bora Bora
  2. Learn to snowboard (and be good at it)
  3. Own a house
  4. Get Married
  5. Have Children
  6. Pay for someone's groceries 
  7. Do the 12 days of Christmas for a family
  8. Grow my hair out to the middle of my back
  9. Learn to play the Guitar
  10. Learn to play the piano
  11. Fill up a whole journal- hand written
  12. Mountain bike with my husband- and keep up with him while doing so
  13. Record a CD of me singing
  14. Sing with Carrie Underwood
  15. Karaoke in public
  16. Learn to sew really well
  17. Ride a horse on the beach with my husband
  18. Zipline in Hawaii 
  19. Own a sno cone shack for my kids to work in (and me to eat!)
  20. Have a salon in my basement
  21. Quit drinking Diet Coke
  22. Get back down to wedding day weight! 
  23. Run a 5k
  24. Throw a huge, successful surprise party
  25. Learn to like Ham
  26. Host a favorite things party
  27. Learn to scuba dive and not panic while doing it
  28. Be a youth speaker for teens struggling with depression
  29. Go on a week vacation with just my hubby
  30. See a broadway show
  31. Go to a Sara Bareilles concert
  32. Take hubby to the rodeo (he's never been) 
  33. Climb Mt. Timp (and slide down the glacier) 
  34. Pay cash for a nice car (nice as in one that is 6 years old or newer)
  35. Write thank you notes every day for a year
  36. Learn to make the best sugar cookies ever
  37. Give someone a total head to toe makeover- clothes, hair, shoes, makeup! 
  38. Stay in a houseboat on Lake Powell
  39. Enter a singing competition


Michelle said...

Great list! Love the goals. Maybe Jason and I can run your 5k with you!

Jan said...

Love the list. Makes me want to make one. I have a recipe for the best softest sugar cookies, if you want to try it. You know for your list. Let me know


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