Friday, June 14, 2013

Fairy Tea Party

Mia got invited to a special fairy tea party in Elk Ridge this year! The Jones and Steck family put together this cute little party and invite girls (and boys) of all ages. They have you dress up- and its a totally fun party! Here are some pictures and details: 

Mia was loving all the other little babies there. She kept trying to kiss them. 

They had a wand making station- with ribbon and jewels! We didnt glue any of the jewels on because I knew Mia wouldnt wait till they were dry and would pull them off. So we just added ribbon on and she walked around with that wand like it was her best friend. 

They had a puppet show- which was totally cute. Mia sat on Makayla's lap for most of it (the fairy with the green outfit on) and I was enjoying watching her be excited. 

They had a queen and king fairy there that all the little kids got to walk up to and bow and do a twirl. Mia just has so much personality, it was really cute. 

They also had music playing, the older fairy girls did a ballet dance, and they handed out food! On the food was a strawberry, cream puff, cake ball, cookie, and cupcake. all mini size. And punch! The tables were decorated with cute flowers and centerpieces. 

There was also someone painting cute designs on faces, but we left before the line died down. 

Mia had a great time. I didnt have a pair of fairy wings for her to wear, so her outfit was the best I could come up with. I have lots of cute lace rompers, but most are Christmas colors or 4th of july so we had to make due with her cute outfit. And, I made her headband. :) 

We can't wait to go next year! 

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