Friday, June 14, 2013

Dressed up, Patriotic Pics, Baby room, and bath incident..

Today and tomorrow are Orem City Summer Fest days! We decided to venture around the booths this morning with Kevin and we ate some grub while there. I dressed Mia up in some of her patriotic wear- a cute sweetie pie american flag shirt from walmart and some jean shorts, jelly shoes, and a headband I made! She loves getting all dressed up :)

Stacia Klemas Photography asked Mia to be a model for her summer mini sessions, so we went and took her to get some pics! Here are a few of my favorite ones:

I decided to venture out and try making a rag quilt with minky and cotton fabric for the babies room! If this one works out I will make one for Mia too. This picture doesnt show the fabrics that well, but the below picture has scraps of what all the fabrics look like

Here is the pic showing the fabrics in better light. I have a bunch of prints to hang on the wall in a collage and then I made the pendant banner thing below. Its not perfect.. I think I wanna re-do it. The line is buggin me. I cant wait to put their room together. I need to do that asap. 

 Um, Mia pooped in the freaking bathtub tonight. I was actually worried because she had been sooo fussy all day and had tons of gas. I cant think of anything different she ate but she hadnt had a bowel movement since yesterday morning (shes a daily morning pooper, usually twice a day) and so I knew she kinda had a tummy ache today. While in the bathtub, she kept standing up. She recently started doing that, and I tell her to sit and she will sit back down, and get back up. She eventually falls and sometimes bumps her head so when she starts standing I usually get her out to let her know that she cant stand up. Well I went to take a pic of my stinker standing and low and behold, she squats, and poops. yep. I caught it all on camera. What a real stinker. 

maybe she wants to be potty trained? :)

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