Friday, May 3, 2013

feeling blessed

Mia was such a delight to be around today. She was funny and smiley and happy all day long. 

I have come to so much enjoy my time with her! I've realized that she is only cranky (usually) when she is bored or hungry or tired. If I just take ten minutes to get on my hands and knees and chase her around... or to pick her up and let her play with my hair or my face... or get a book out to read... or take her outside for some fresh air... she is happy. She needs so much attention much like any other child, and I realized that I love giving attention to her. She just LOVES to play with her mommy and daddy. 

Often times I get caught up doing my daily things or am so tired that I plop on the couch and turn on the TV and let her play that she starts to get cranky/fussy. Its in those moments I get annoyed and just wish she could entertain her self, until I realize that it's more relaxing to just play and talk with her than fight with her cranky attitude! Its in those moments that I turn off the TV or stop what I am doing, and become so incredibly grateful for her. So grateful to be a mother. My attitude instantly goes from being annoyed to being grateful and happy. And at peace. 

Everyone loves attention, including adults. Babies should be no different. I realize Mia needs her mommy- and I love to be needed. I love when she makes a kissy noise and leans in for a kiss randomly. I love when she wants me to pick her up and then she puts her head on my shoulder for a quick hug. I love when she giggles when I chase her around the house. Or how she loves to 'get ready' with me in the mornings. (I give her a makeup brush and she pretends to put makeup on). 

I just am feeling so grateful for the opportunity I have to give my sweet Mia attention each day. That I can stay home full time with her and play with and teach her. I can never cry or be sad or mad when she is smiling at me or when she is near me. She just lights up my day and really makes life worth living in every single way. 

I love that girl more than life itself. Just feeling so blessed tonight. 
And, feeling blessed that even though I make mistakes, and am not a perfect mother, somehow, she still wants my attention and loves me. That makes it all worth it. 

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Michelle said...

Mia is so cute. Love all the pictures.


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