Monday, May 20, 2013

Instagram style update!

So many things have been going on in our life lately. I have been terrible at blogging. There's just so many other things to keep myself busy that I find myself putting the blog on the back burner. Not like many people read it anyway, but for history sake I need to be better. 

First thing- my baby sister got married. Her and Chad Lanham got married in the Provo, UT Temple on May 7th. The weather was perfect the morning of the wedding- and quickly turned to total rain storm that night. Thank goodness the reception was inside! She slept at my house the night before so we could paint her toes and relax. She got up early the next day and I did her hair and makeup, then Chad came to pick her up for the temple. Her dress is my favorite dress I've ever seen I think.. it fit her perfectly. Loved it. 

Since it was in the middle of the week, most of my siblings couldnt get work off to come travel to Utah to be here. BUT- Lindsey surprised us all and came with Cecily! Mia loves Cecily but Ceci isn't too sure about Mia... I think its because their first time meeting eachother they had a bath together and Mia pooped in it. Whoops haha. 

 Here is a picture of all the nieces and nephews that were there. Austin had run away from the camera shortly before this was taken but he was there :) Its so weird to see only a handful of the kids since there are so many more. We missed you all! 

Chad's family is so fun and outgoing. We had a good time visiting with them. 

My sisters, mom, and I put everything together. (Besides the lights hanging, which were chad and his dads doing). I made the pendant banner and centerpieces. Chelsey did all the flowers and got the cookie jars and cut the vinyl out for them to be labled. The cookies were made by a lady in my parents ward. All the frames were painted by my mom and I the day before. 

The doors behind us were bought at the RE store and Chels, my mom, Kaitlin and I painted them and distressed them. The frames were then hung by Chelsey. People held up a chalk board with their names on it in front of the door. (And theres my belly, the glory of it! Yes its big, but only I am allowed to say that. haha)

Tender moment after she came out of the temple.. 

And, we caught the girls loving eachother!

Next up- Mothers Day! I got spoiled. I got to sleep in. When I woke up, Mia was holding this envelope for me from her and Kevin. A 1 hour prenatal massage and sugar foot scrub! Holy Macarole! I have never had a massage so I cant wait to go get it. Kevin had made some Trader Joe's Chocolate filled Croissants for breakfast too- it was delicious! I didnt change one diaper that day, and I got a nap! 

Him and Mia also took me on a picnic up Provo Canyon for a picnic. We BBQ'd hot dogs and had chips and fruit and gatorade. It was a really warm nice day. Mia was happy as can be for me! 

This is a little out of order, but she got her first pony ride this past weekend! Kevin's work does a huge carnival every year- and we had so much fun. They do a crawdad boil- along with hamburgers and hot dogs and chips, any soda or water you can imagine, HUGE rice krispy treats, Kettle Corn by the bag (you could take as many as you wanted) a sno cone hut, a cotton candy hut, (all FREE and as much as you wanted). They also had pony rides, a little train ride, tons of bouncy houses, and a DJ. Its all free and so much fun. His work knows how to throw a party. Mia loved her pony ride! Thanks USSynthetic! 

Speaking of this cute baby, she is so funny and animated. She loves to wear her daddy's sunglasses. 

She could sit and play in the sand box all day. She loves it! I'm so glad she does because when its finally cooled down enough outside to go out, (around 6 or 7) is when she has her roughest time of day. (before bed time) so going outside helps keep her happy! 

this stupid drink is the devil. I failed my one hour diabetes test so I ended up having to do the 3 hour test. Well, after I drank the drink for the 3 hour, I threw it all up. Resulting in me then having to eat 3 large candy bars all 30 g of sugar or more in each. You would think that would be easy, but I assure you, it's not! I had sugar shakes all day and a terrible migraine. I barely passed though so the doc wants me to stay off sweets the rest of the pregnancy. boo

On Saturday my friend Adrienne and I threw a baby shower for my friend Lexy! She's having a boy June 18th. So excited for her! Here are some pics of the shower: 

Kevin gets free passes to thanksgiving point through work so we were able to go to the Tulip Festival! It was so beautiful. We had a great time walking around. 

Also, Mia started walking officially about 2 weeks ago! She's pretty much a pro at it now. Just look at her smile- shes so proud of herself! 

On a sad note, Ally's cute grandpa Hawkins passed away this weekend. :( He was such a sweet and tender man. We will all miss him lots- but are glad he gets to be with his sweet wife in heaven now!  Prayers for Ally's family- love you guys all so much! 

Lastly, Kevin decided to take a break from school this summer semester. Its the first semester he has taken a break since we got married I think! Its wonderful!! We love having him home in the morning/afternoon to spend time with us. 

2 more months till this baby comes.. can't wait!! 

Friday, May 3, 2013

feeling blessed

Mia was such a delight to be around today. She was funny and smiley and happy all day long. 

I have come to so much enjoy my time with her! I've realized that she is only cranky (usually) when she is bored or hungry or tired. If I just take ten minutes to get on my hands and knees and chase her around... or to pick her up and let her play with my hair or my face... or get a book out to read... or take her outside for some fresh air... she is happy. She needs so much attention much like any other child, and I realized that I love giving attention to her. She just LOVES to play with her mommy and daddy. 

Often times I get caught up doing my daily things or am so tired that I plop on the couch and turn on the TV and let her play that she starts to get cranky/fussy. Its in those moments I get annoyed and just wish she could entertain her self, until I realize that it's more relaxing to just play and talk with her than fight with her cranky attitude! Its in those moments that I turn off the TV or stop what I am doing, and become so incredibly grateful for her. So grateful to be a mother. My attitude instantly goes from being annoyed to being grateful and happy. And at peace. 

Everyone loves attention, including adults. Babies should be no different. I realize Mia needs her mommy- and I love to be needed. I love when she makes a kissy noise and leans in for a kiss randomly. I love when she wants me to pick her up and then she puts her head on my shoulder for a quick hug. I love when she giggles when I chase her around the house. Or how she loves to 'get ready' with me in the mornings. (I give her a makeup brush and she pretends to put makeup on). 

I just am feeling so grateful for the opportunity I have to give my sweet Mia attention each day. That I can stay home full time with her and play with and teach her. I can never cry or be sad or mad when she is smiling at me or when she is near me. She just lights up my day and really makes life worth living in every single way. 

I love that girl more than life itself. Just feeling so blessed tonight. 
And, feeling blessed that even though I make mistakes, and am not a perfect mother, somehow, she still wants my attention and loves me. That makes it all worth it. 


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