Monday, April 15, 2013

The Move and other updates

Kevin and I finally moved to Orem on April 3rd. We are LOVING our new place! Not only do we have more space, but our neighbors are great, the neighborhood is super quiet, and we aren't living in the ghetto anymore.. :) 

Our new place is over 1000 sq feet, has 2 bed, 1 bath, a huge living room, (seriously double the size of our last one), HUGE closets, a seperate laundry room, a nice kitchen with a dishwasher, plenty of space to cook and store things in cupboards, a front and back entrance, and a fenced in area with a swing set/playground and picnic table. We only pay $650 which is 75 more than what we paid before. I have made quick friends with my upstairs neighbor Emily, and her kids who are just the cutest things in the world. 

We weren't going to be able to go to our new ward until next week because we had a baby blessing to go to this weekend, but Mia got sick so we had to stay home. Kevin stayed home with her while I went across the street to church. Mia had literally been up ALL night long crying and I needed a break out of the house haha. I was so impressed with our ward. SO many people came and introduced themselves. The Relief Society Presidency (ALL OF THEM) came up to me after sacrament to introduce themselves. There are lots and lots of older people in the ward, but all the old ladies are super spunky from what I can tell and I am in love with the family feel of this ward. I already feel so welcome and the bishop even already read our records in during sacrament. He's on the ball! We met our bishop the day we moved in- he saw us moving in and came over to ask if we needed help. What a nice man. There is an activity tomorrow that I can't wait to go to, and apparently once a month they do 'lunch bunch' where anyone who can come comes to the church and brings a lunch item to share. They just have fun and visit and share lunch. I am excited to go to that. 

All the moving and stress of it has finally caught up to me and I am seriously just exhausted. I could nap all day and still be tired. Luckily Mia is still taking two naps a day so I usually get at least one nap. Or try to. She is ALMOST walking!!! She took 4 steps yesterday, and 4 steps today too. She stands without holding on to anything all the time, we are just patiently waiting for her to walk. I honestly thought she would be walking by her first birthday. I think she has kinda gotten off sleep schedule since we moved because shes been waking up at night a few times in the last two weeks. Its been rough on Kevin and I both, and we can't wait till she gets back into habit of sleeping through the night. She burned her hand pretty bad here on our oven. I cried and cried. I have never been so sad for her! She has had to go to the doctor all last week every day to get the extra skin taken off, and the bandage changed. She burned a capillary on her finger so it kept bleeding. Its finally healing well though so I can change the dressing myself.. which is a pain when you have a child that doesn't sit still! ;) 

Little Mister in my belly is fast growing. My belly is getting big, although I am still 10 pounds under what I started at! He is definitely lower than Mia was, and thats causing lots of discomfort. But I am more than half way there, and the throwing up is down to about once a week now, so I will be just fine! He looks great in ultrasounds and his heart sounds great. I am 24 weeks now and just so anxious to meet this little boy. I am so excited that we will have a girl and boy as part of our little family. 

Kevin is working so hard in school and getting good grades as always. He makes me so proud. I feel so lucky to have him as my eternal companion and the father of our children. He is amazing in every way. 

Well, thats a lil update on us. What's up in your neck of the woods? 

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