Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Burn details

All About Mia's Burn:

A week ago, I was making roasted red potatoes in the oven. The oven was set at 450 degrees, and I was washing dishes while Mia was playing with the pots in the drawer under the oven. All the sudden, I hear her cry, and I thought she maybe just smashed her finger. But oh no- it was a burn. A bad burn. I picked her up and felt down where she was playing and it was HOT. SUPER hot. I had no idea it could get hot down there, because at our old place it never got hot underneath. I ran her fingers under cold water immediately and she just cried and cried. Instantly it was blistered huge, and I cried too. I kept it un-bandaged to let the heat escape- but the next day I got worried it would get an infection. So I called my pediatric office and they said they wanted to see it. 

Luckily, there is a doctor there, Ruth, who worked in the ER for 30 years and specializes in burns. She saw Mia and she was such an amazing doctor! So gentle and knowledgeable. She said they were 2nd degree burns but one of them was almost a 3rd degree. She peeled off the blisters  and saw that the one that was almost a 3rd degree had burned a capillary. So, it was bleeding a bit. Because of that, she wanted to see Mia again the next day to change the dressing herself and check on the progress of it. 

The next day we went back and Ruth changed the dressing again, but her finger was still bleeding. So she wanted us to come back again the next day, but she was going to be out of town so we would have to see our normal doctor- Dr. Davis. We went back the next day and Dr. Davis changed the dressing and said it looked good enough that I could change the dressing myself from then on. I would have to change it once a day for about 2 weeks. No getting it wet. 

So, home we went, and I changed it myself on Sat, Sunday, and Monday. 

Saturday, Mia got sick and did not sleep more than 15 minutes at a time that night. Same thing Sunday. Monday comes and I just could not do another night like that, so I listened to my mommy instincts and took her to the after hours clinic. She had a double ear infection! Poor girl. What a rough few weeks she was having...

Then, yesterday comes along. My mother in law came and took Mia for the day so I could get some rest and 'regroup'. When they brought her back, I decided to take off her dressing and change it while Reva and Carl were there. (her grandparents). I took off the dressing and could not believe my eyes. The burns looked terrible. one of the fingers was purple, and cold to the touch, and really tight and firm. I figured I just bandaged it too tight. I decided to let it air out for a few hours and see if the color returned. I went to my ward R.S. activity and there is a nurse in my ward that I asked her what I should do. She said to take Mia in. 

So, I called Kevin home from work to take us in. We had an appointment at 9pm last night at our pediatric office and luckily Ruth was there to do it! When Ruth saw it she said it looked a lot worse. It had a secondary infection in the tissues- a Staph infection. Dang it! She also had a reaction to the tape we were using and the Bacitracin onintment, so she got some more little blisters on her hand. She cleaned it really good, put some silver shield on it, and decided to give Mia a shot of Rocephin in her leg. That is an antibiodic that will help with her ear infection as well as the infection. She wanted us to stay for a half an hour after the shot to make sure Mia didn't have a reaction to it. She said in her 30 years of giving that medicine, shes only seen 2 kids have a reaction to it, but the reaction was bad.  They gave her a sucker, and we stayed till about 10 and watched Wreck it Ralph while we were waiting. She fell asleep in Kevin's arms, and luckily didn't have a reaction. The nurse was concered that Mia might have croup too- because her pesky cough she had for 3 months came back! UGH. So we will have the doc determine that today as well. The doctor said I didnt do anything wrong as far as dressing it- and that probably the reason she got a staph infection was because it was still oozing pus and blood a week later, which isn't always normal after that much time. 

Now we are headed back to her office this morning around 10:45 to get the dressing changed again and check to see if it improved at all. We will get further instructions from there. 

I am so grateful for mommy instincts and great doctors and modern medicine! The poor girl slept through the night last night, and each time I got up to use the bathroom she hadn't moved an inch. She was out cold. We woke up much happier today, and we are hoping she makes a quick recovery!! Please remember to keep our sweetie in your prayers. 

Here is what her burn looked like on the 3rd day. 

And here is what it looked like yesterday (the 7th day.)


Weston and Caitlin said...

I tried to post a comment but I think it didn't publish. Anyway, this whole story makes me so so sad!! Poor baby! I hope she is doing better! I was thinking about our first apartment we had and I burned my fingers the same way! We found out later that the "drawer" under the stove was really a broiler drawer to cook in and it gets super hot!! Is that how yours is??

Give that baby lots of hugs :)

The Duke said...

I hope she recovers quickly and that no further problem occurs. Burns are so nasty. She is a brave little soul.
Here's to a warmer spring, more sunlight and more happiness for that cute little girl.

Jess Clark said...

Dang Gilly, I think I'd have a hard time sleeping if I burned my finger that bad, too. I hope it clears up quickly. That looks painful. -Jess

Michelle said...

Hope she feels better soon. I also hope everything heals up quick.


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