Wednesday, April 24, 2013

14 Month Old Mia

I'm sitting here watching Mia dance to "Next to Me" by Emeli Sande. She comes alive when music is turned on! She dances her heart out. She is going to be our little dancer and singer. Always keepin a beat or stretching. 

I love how she squeals when she tries on my necklaces and looks at herself in the mirror. She thinks shes the cutest thing in the world- and I agree :) 

She loves to copy other people. If you clap, she claps. She will try to scrub the floor with a sock if she sees me cleaning. If I tell her no, she tells me no. If I talk on my phone, she gets her play phone and pretends to be talking to someone. She has learned to shut doors.. So she will go in her room, shut the door, and knock on the door till I come get it. She thinks its so funny! 

When she sees a kitty (whether it be tv, a picture, or in real life) she gets really excited and says "Kitty!!!" She points to it and puts all her attention to it. Grandpa Clark is apparently wanting to get a kitten, so if he does, Mia will be their new best friend. :) 

We just packed up all the 3-6 month carters pajamas. She has been wearing them forever. Shes just a tiny little thing- still weighing in at just 17 pounds. She was 30 inches, but she seems like shes grown a lot in length lately, so we will find out next month how tall she is. She is in size 3 diapers, sixe 9-12 clothes, and just received her 5th haircut. (I added some layers.. it was just so wild all over the place.) 

She has officially had her first big owie- the burn. We met up with the burn clinic again yesterday, and LUCKILY- no surgery is needed! We will need to work with her hand/fingers every day doing stretches to make sure she can still use it properly. We go back in 3 weeks to make sure it wont scar too bad. So So grateful that surgery wasn't needed. 

She has 10 teeth, 2 of them being top molars. 

She eats anything. We recently introduced raisins  and she seems to like those! She LOVES spaghetti and LOVES eggs. She still takes two naps (occasionally.) Each nap is about an hour and a half long, or if she just takes one, sometimes its 2 or 3 hours. 

She loves strangers (uh-oh) and will say hi to anyone and everyone.. especially if they are other little babies or kids. She loves to be passed around and be held by anyone.. including strangers. We were at the doc this last week and she would NOT come to me. She only wanted the nurse! The nurse was happy but I was like.. shoot! This girl has to learn some stranger danger hahaha. At least she's easy to leave with a babysitter. 

She loves to play peek-a-boo. Shes so good at it and will just giggle. She also loves swinging. We have a swing here at our place and we go on it almost every day. It makes her so happy. She is terrible at church. She wont sit on my lap. Wont sit on Kevin's lap. Just wants to get down and crawl around and talk to people. This last week a friend here in my new ward took her half way through R.S. to Nursery. I guess her daughter was in there so she went to check on her and decided to take Mia. They stayed in there the rest of the time and Mia had a great time. Played well with the other kids, loves the bubbles, and colored a picture! 4 more months till shes in there.. I wish it could be sooner. Haha. 

She is by far the most busy child I have ever met in my life. I have never heard another child her age jabber as much as her, or move or want to talk to strangers like her. She is certainly a fun child with so much personality. She is a spunky beautiful ball of energy! I hope this next baby is calm. Otherwise I might loose my mind! 

She started saying "MiMi" for grandma this last week. She sure loves it when her grandmas come to visit. 

She is starting into the independent stage. She wants to help me with the dishes and feed herself and do everything on her own.... except for walk. 

Walk child, walk!! She is so close. She takes about 5 steps at a time, a million times a day. She walks like a hung over/drunken sailor. Its so funny. She stands up in the middle of the room without help and will stand for a long time.. So we are hoping she will start walking within the next month. People keep telling me its worse when they walk, but I dont think they know how fast my child is at crawling. I honestly dont think it will be any different. Shes already so busy. A little bit more busy wont make a difference. Maybe it will be easier for me.. I wont have to carry her everywhere. 

She loves to eat breakfast with daddy and sit on his lap to watch a show. She refuses to sit on my lap for a show, but will do so with Kevin. She gets so excited when he gets home and the minute she hears the door open, she crawls over to it because she knows daddy is home. So grateful to have him home in the mornings/for lunch! 

I just can't believe shes 14 months. It seems like yesterday I was just taking her for her 2 week check up at the doctor. We sure do love her and can't wait to see what stage she starts in next. So far each stage has been fun (besides the colic one...) and I know she will just be a fun toddler! 

Love you Mia Girl! 
xoxo, mommy

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