Wednesday, March 13, 2013


almost 4 years after we moved into our little apartment...

we are moving! This place has been a fun place to live for the past 4 years. It was our first apartment as a married couple. Our apartment as first time parents. Our apartment through good and bad times! But, the time has come to move on. We need a little more space with this second baby coming. I wont lie, this neighborhood has been a little sketchy. With the train tracks basically in our back yard, and random people walking by our apartment with no shirt on..... I am ready to go somewhere a little more kid friendly. Haha. Its really not that bad. :) We were able to plant flowers, and have a garden. We had great landlords who were prompt to fix issues or come unlock the door in the middle of the night if we locked ourselves out! Haha. 

We are moving to a new place in Orem off 800 N. 
It's still 2 bed 1 bath, but is 1000 square feet, has a seperate laundry room, has a dishwasher (!!) and disposal, more counter space and cabinets in the kitchen, A sliding glass door on the shower, and TONS of storage. There is also a fenced in area in the yard with a swing set and a picnic table and a sand box! We will love playing in that this summer. The neighborhood is super nice. Just down the street from us are some houses that are clearly in the 400,000 price range... And the church is right across the street. The yard is kept up pretty nice as well too. And we really like the landlords! The only downside is the master bedroom is actually pretty small. Its smaller than our bedroom. But the second room is about the same size as Mia's right now, so we will for sure be able to fit both babies in there. There are many updates that make this apartment worth it for me. It's also only 650 a month! Killer deal. The outside of the apartment isn't super cute, but we can deal with that. :) 

So, we move into the new place APRIL 1st. Like, soon. Haha. We would love any and all help moving, cleaning, and packing!!! Luckily our current landlords have been amazing to work with and will let us out of our month to month contract without 30 days notice. We let them know today and she said we can just pay for the day or two in April if we cant get out before April 1st. Awesome! 

If anyone of you know someone (or you yourself) are interested in this apartment, it's $625 a month. Year contract, then month to month. Amazing landlords and maintenance/yard keeper. Nice carpet, cabinets have been placed above where washer and dryer go in the bathroom.. obviously there are washer dryer hookups. :) If you want to come look at our apartment, give me a call and we can give you a walk through! 801-616-7288

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Michelle said...

I'm so excited for you guys and your new place!!!


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