Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mia is 1!

Mia's birth date was 2/29/12- Leap Day! So we decided we will celebrate her birthday on Feb. 28th. I feel like as soon as she turned one, she grew up SO much. She says words and signs words, loves to play.. she is so funny. The morning of her birthday we had her open her presents- a baby doll, a stroller, an outfit, and a popper toy thing that you push. She was so excited about the baby and kept holding it and patting the baby's bum. Haha. We pretty much just relaxed at home all day since Kevin had to work and go to school. 

The real party came Saturday! (2 days later) We scheduled the church building and had both sides of the family come as well as a few friends. I honestly think there were 60 people there. It was madness  But so so much fun. We did potluck, and had soups, rolls, veggies, and fruit. She was smiling at everyone and letting anyone hold her. She was crawling everywhere and loving the attention. Here is a picture my mom captured of her: 

We had taken Mia to the doc the day before for her well check and the doctor discovered a really bad double ear infection. I didnt even know, because she wasn't acting any different. At the party however, the noise got to her and she kept rubbing her ears and was getting super fussy after dinner time... hence... the sad cake smash pictures. I think the singing Happy Birthday is what really set her off. So many people, so much noise, and hurting ears was not a good combination. 

We gave her a bath in the kitchen sink there at the church since she clearly didnt want to lick her fingers.. 

After we got her cleaned up and a bottle down her system and a blanket and snuggles, she seemed to perk up a little. Most of the people had left by then, and we started to open her presents. Which by the way- she got soooo spoiled! We told people not to bring gifts but they did anyway. It was fun to open her presents and see all the fun things she got. Stuffed animals, books, outfits, bubbles,  a homemade blanket, a gold dollar, toys.. all kinds of fun stuff. She was spoiled. 

It was fun to see everyone. Thanks for all those who came!! We love you all! 

Here are some one year old stats for our Mia girl! 
Mia weighs 16.3 lbs- 4th percentile
is 29.6 inches tall- 33rd percentile
and her head is in the 3rd percentile

She has 4 teeth on top, two on bottom with one more coming in. 

She wears size 3 diaper, size 6-9 month clothes, and size 1 and 2 shoes.

She can say dada, momma, cracker, no, and kitty 

She can sign milk, more, cracker, food, all done, thank you, dog, and we are teaching her a few more. 

She is ALMOST walking. She will stand by her self for about 5-10 seconds not holding on to anything. She can walk perfect if she is pushing her stroller. She stands holding on to things with one hand basically all day. 

She loves to eat. Anything. She is now mostly all on whole milk instead of formula. She can drink out of a straw. She loves her baby food, especially the meat ones. (gag me) She loves cheerios, crackers (any kind), cheese, veggie soup, eggs, beans.. anything really. 

She is starting to get the sippy cup thing down. Its taken a while- but she is getting close. 

She loves to say hi, and wave to everyone and clap her hands. She also loves to play peekaboo. 

She gives kisses on the lips. And I mean puckered up ones. No joke. Its possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen. 

She loves to be around other kids. She especially loves her friends Hannah, Paige, Bella, and Makenzie. 

We got to babysit Ally's baby boy while they went to the temple and Mia was so soft with him! She kept kissing him and rubbing his head and belly. It was really cute. Hopefully she will be soft for her baby brother coming! 

Mia takes two naps still. They both range from 1-3 hours depending on the day. Which is wonderful for me, so I can nap too. 

She is starting to sit still long enough to let me read her a book. Thank goodness for that, we love books! 

She still loves her bath time, and loves to splash all over. 

This girl has changed our lives forever. She is spunky, fun, loving, hilarious, and downright cute. We just can't get enough of her. 

I love you Mia Bean. Its been the best year ever! I'm glad I am your mommy. 


Michelle said...

Happy birthday sweet girl! Gill she is so cute! What a proud mama you must be!

Jan said...

She is so cute! Happy birthday! I Wii Utah I lived out there so I could meet her.


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