Sunday, March 10, 2013

It's a boy!

Baby #2 is definitely a boy! 

Here's the proof: 

It's been a wild ride. 
I've lost 18 pounds. Still haven't gained anything. I am measuring 2 weeks ahead- but thats because  my placenta is right in front above the baby.. so its pushing my belly out farther. (thats what the doctor said.) I have had some round ligament pain, but it's manageable if I just lay on my left side. 

I have had ketones probably once a week/every other week and those make me feel terrible. I've been dehydrated and had so many IV's that I can't even keep count anymore. I am still throwing up all morning, and feeling sick until about 3 pm. Then I get a break until about 9 pm.. and start feeling sick again. Its glorious.. 

So far though, baby looks healthy. No signs of spina bifida. I am getting really excited for this baby to come! I am half way there. 

We have a few names that we like but are still deciding.. so I guess we will wait to announce it. 
well, there's an update on the baby. I am anxious to see what he will look like and if he will have as much hair as Mia did. Labor is going to be a piece of cake compared to pregnancy! Can't wait to hold him in my arms. 

We are so excited that it's a boy. It is going to be so fun having Mia and him so close together and having one of each gender. Only problem is I have to start all over on clothes! I better start buying now... :) 

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Michelle said...

Yay for baby boy!!! You are such a cute mom!


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