Sunday, March 10, 2013

Gettin things done

Kevin and I got so much done this weekend. 

It took all weekend only because I had to take it slow. take a nap in between, eat 500 meals, and just work through the nausea, but we got it done. 

I cleaned our totally dirty bedroom. Well, most of it. I had so many clothes all over the place. So I did that, and laundry. Cleaned out my closet too. The only thing left is the dresser- which I am wanting to sell. Its too big and bulky with not enough storage.. if that makes sense? 

Then, I cleaned out Mia's whole closet. Like, you could not open her closet or something would fall down on you. I have a client giving me a small white toddler bed for Mia so we had to make room for it in her room. We decided to move her dresser into the closet, and take all our decorations, christmas tree, and her old clothes that dont fit to my moms. They have an empty basement so we were lucky enough to store them all in one of the guest bedroom closets! Thanks mom and dad! 

We also did dishes, washed the couch cover, vacuumed, and started working on taxes.. bleh. Now I just need to get the bathroom cleaned, and the rest of our room finished. It feels good to get things done although I always pay for it the next day.. If I have a good day, I do alot. Then, I always have a bad day the next day. I'll take it though if I can have one good day in between. 

Mia sat and watched us eating her cheerios most of the weekend. She was a trooper and loved going through her old clothes.. (or rather, pulling them out of her dresser.) 

So glad to have Kevin's help this weekend. Thanks babe for helping me get things organized! I sure love you! 

by the way, its so nice not having facebook!! I spend so much less time on my phone and computer. Its glorious. And hey, look, I am blogging. 4 posts in 2 days!


Jess said...

Man, I need your motivation! I should probably try deleting FB for awhile because I feel like I am always on my phone. :S Love your blog and I'm glad you're posting more! :)

The Duke said...

It was nice to see you yesterday. Jim would have starved if you hadn't come over. :)
I hadn't seen your two previous blogs - for some reason they wouldn't pull up for me so I got caught up today.
I so hope you get some kind of break from the nausea soon! You have been a trooper and I know it's been had since you haven't had a lot of help. Hang in there - that nausea will soon be replaced by a beautiful little baby that will bring you more joy. I hope he's as adorable and wonderful as Mia!

The Duke said...

It's been "hard" not had since you haven't had a lot of help -- sorry but I can't edit my typos.


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