Thursday, March 21, 2013

bedtime blues

bedtime was not a good time tonight. 

usually Mia goes right down, no problem. Shes always been easy to put to bed. We do the same thing every night. wind down taking a warm bath around 7:20, singing songs, sometimes reading a book, drinking her milk while i get her a fresh diaper and pjs on.. then i sing her our special lullaby as i rock her in her rocking chair. around 8ish she then gets put in her crib (while still awake) and i tell her good night and kiss her forehead. she usually turns right over to her left side and falls right to sleep snuggling her fleece blanket from her grammy. 

well, tonight, i was tricked. she was great while getting ready for bed. she was even rubbing her eyes. she drank all her milk and showed all the signs of settling down for the night. i put her down in her crib, and she slept peacefully for 30 minutes. 

8:30 hits and she screamed. and screamed. and screamed. 

i usually let her cry for a while before i go in and put a binky in or check on her since she usually just cries for a minute. ... well its more of a whine not cry. 

but tonight, it was a full on scream cry. so i went in to see what she was doing. she had the binky in her mouth, and her eyes were shut. i think she was having a night terror. 

lately, shes been getting those alot. it makes me sad. 

so i rubbed her back, then she opened her eyes and stood up in her crib. 

i normally dont ever give in and hold her, but tonight for some reason i did. i held her and let her come in the front room with me while i was crafting. she sat quietly in my lap for about ten minutes, and then got fussy. so, off to bed we took her. 

then again, she went right to sleep. 

and 5 minutes later, the screaming started again. it only lasted a few minutes, so i didnt go in. but, throughout that whole half hour, it kept happening. i was about to loose my patience. 

the next time, i let her cry for about 10 minutes. but the crying kept escalating so i finally went in, picked her up, got her blanket, and brought her into my bed with me. the cry was just such a sad and depressing cry like she was scared or hurt. i had to give in. 

i sang probably 20 primary songs to her, and she even hummed a few notes too. she likes to mimic people singing. she layed on my tummy and occasionally looked up at me. we probably layed on my bed for 20 minutes... and she wasn't falling asleep. any time she would relax enough to close her eyes, it was like she started having a night terror again, and would freak out and sit up. 

finally i just decided to put her back in her crib and try again. as nice as it was snuggling her- she needs to stay within her good habit of putting her self back to sleep and sleeping in her crib. 

she fell right to sleep. 

and ten minutes later, she cried. 

but, i never went in. and now its been 25 minutes without any crying. lets hope its not a super long night. 

i do know she is getting two molars on the top right now. so i am sure she is hurting from that. but, i gave her some ibprophen, teething tablets, and orajel so hopefully those were helping. 

i worry about night terrors though. any of you experienced that with your kids? what do you do? a lot of times if shes crying in the middle of the night and i go in to check on her, she will be sucking on her binky while crying, with her eyes closed, rocking back and forth. its so odd... 

however- i feel like i cant complain about tonight too much. normally shes a great little sleeper, and even sleeps in till 8 most mornings. and, still takes 2 naps most days. so i am grateful for that. 

i spoke too soon.. she just made a peep. 

little mister is kicking me letting me know its time to empty my bladder. what a good little child he already is.. reminding me to do things.. hahaha. 

sleep little one.. please. mommy needs all her energy to take care of you tomorrow...
and pack. oh packing. i dont like you.

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Melissa and Jeff said...

Logan does this but I think it is gas. It is only when I eat something that upsets his stomach. But he turns all red and screams bloody murder but keeps his eyes closed. He will squirm and scream bloody murder then all of a sudden stop. I hate it but I have learned to sit and wait since his eyes are still closed and it usually passes. If you need help packing call me!


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