Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt/Picnic

My friend Lexy and I put together a little Easter Egg hunt/Picnic for a bunch of kids and their moms yesterday! It was a lot of fun, and we had a great turn out. I am pretty sure there were about 20 kids. Lexy and I knew eachother in high school and then reconnected through blogs/facebook and have been good friends for a while. She has a daughter Hannah that is 17 months, and she is also pregnant with a boy, due in June! 

We both stay home so we figured it would be fun to make a moms play group. We all try to meet once a month. Yesterday, we did an Easter egg Hunt and a picnic! We had sandwiches and drinks, salads, chips, fruit, and veggies. It was a lot of fun. Here are some pictures from the fun day: 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

bedtime blues

bedtime was not a good time tonight. 

usually Mia goes right down, no problem. Shes always been easy to put to bed. We do the same thing every night. wind down taking a warm bath around 7:20, singing songs, sometimes reading a book, drinking her milk while i get her a fresh diaper and pjs on.. then i sing her our special lullaby as i rock her in her rocking chair. around 8ish she then gets put in her crib (while still awake) and i tell her good night and kiss her forehead. she usually turns right over to her left side and falls right to sleep snuggling her fleece blanket from her grammy. 

well, tonight, i was tricked. she was great while getting ready for bed. she was even rubbing her eyes. she drank all her milk and showed all the signs of settling down for the night. i put her down in her crib, and she slept peacefully for 30 minutes. 

8:30 hits and she screamed. and screamed. and screamed. 

i usually let her cry for a while before i go in and put a binky in or check on her since she usually just cries for a minute. ... well its more of a whine not cry. 

but tonight, it was a full on scream cry. so i went in to see what she was doing. she had the binky in her mouth, and her eyes were shut. i think she was having a night terror. 

lately, shes been getting those alot. it makes me sad. 

so i rubbed her back, then she opened her eyes and stood up in her crib. 

i normally dont ever give in and hold her, but tonight for some reason i did. i held her and let her come in the front room with me while i was crafting. she sat quietly in my lap for about ten minutes, and then got fussy. so, off to bed we took her. 

then again, she went right to sleep. 

and 5 minutes later, the screaming started again. it only lasted a few minutes, so i didnt go in. but, throughout that whole half hour, it kept happening. i was about to loose my patience. 

the next time, i let her cry for about 10 minutes. but the crying kept escalating so i finally went in, picked her up, got her blanket, and brought her into my bed with me. the cry was just such a sad and depressing cry like she was scared or hurt. i had to give in. 

i sang probably 20 primary songs to her, and she even hummed a few notes too. she likes to mimic people singing. she layed on my tummy and occasionally looked up at me. we probably layed on my bed for 20 minutes... and she wasn't falling asleep. any time she would relax enough to close her eyes, it was like she started having a night terror again, and would freak out and sit up. 

finally i just decided to put her back in her crib and try again. as nice as it was snuggling her- she needs to stay within her good habit of putting her self back to sleep and sleeping in her crib. 

she fell right to sleep. 

and ten minutes later, she cried. 

but, i never went in. and now its been 25 minutes without any crying. lets hope its not a super long night. 

i do know she is getting two molars on the top right now. so i am sure she is hurting from that. but, i gave her some ibprophen, teething tablets, and orajel so hopefully those were helping. 

i worry about night terrors though. any of you experienced that with your kids? what do you do? a lot of times if shes crying in the middle of the night and i go in to check on her, she will be sucking on her binky while crying, with her eyes closed, rocking back and forth. its so odd... 

however- i feel like i cant complain about tonight too much. normally shes a great little sleeper, and even sleeps in till 8 most mornings. and, still takes 2 naps most days. so i am grateful for that. 

i spoke too soon.. she just made a peep. 

little mister is kicking me letting me know its time to empty my bladder. what a good little child he already is.. reminding me to do things.. hahaha. 

sleep little one.. please. mommy needs all her energy to take care of you tomorrow...
and pack. oh packing. i dont like you.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


I am so unbelieveably tired today. Wow. And I even got a nap earlier! 

I will blame that on the growing baby in my belly. 

And maybe moving. 

Yesterday my sister in law Wendy and her daughter Aubrey came over to help get a head start on moving! I am not one of those people that likes to wait till the last minute. Especially since Kevin wont be a lot of help since he has school and work. So they came over and we packed all the wall decorations in the bathroom, living room, and kitchen. We also packed up the coat closet and the towels we don't use. It all seems so bare. We also filled in a few nail holes. 

I felt accomplished- thanks to them! My mother in law also came over and sprayed tilex everywhere in our bathroom to get rid of that pesky mold. It worked- and about made me pass out too! Wow, that stuff is strong! I had to go outside before I passed out. 

Today however, Kevin had to work, so Mia and I have been lazy. I did manage to dress her and do her hair super cute. And feed her of course. :) I even took her on a small walk. We are loving this warmer weather. Mia practically begs to be outside these days. Any time the front door opens, she crawls to it as fast as she can to try and sneak outside. She will sit and let me do bubbles forever outside with her on the grass. She loves walks. A girl after my own heart. :) 

baby mister update: I am 20 weeks now. measuring 2 weeks ahead because of where my placenta is lying, which is right in front on top. still 15 pounds under what I started the pregnancy at. today was the first time in months that I havent thrown up. Pure bliss right there. I have some round ligament pain but nothing I can't handle. no new stretch marks yet. baby was sittin right on my bladder last night because I kid you not, I got up 5 times to tinkle. I cant believe I am half way. I am so so so excited to meet this little mister. 

This week has been really fun. Kevin had spring break so we were able to spend every morning/afternoon until 2:30 with him this week!! Normally he is gone at school. He took us girls on a lunch date to Guru's on Thursday. Too bad he hated the dish he got. I got a salad and it was pretty good. He got the terriyaki bowl but it was more like orange zest and no terriyaki. We played outside all week, we ran errands together, and most of all, he let me sleep in. EVERY SINGLE DAY. And, brought me breakfast in bed! I am talking like eggs, french toast, and pancakes kind of breakfasts!! It was amazing. I struck gold marrying him. He takes such good care of us girls. 

Kevin will be home in about an hour and a half, and then we plan to start working on the kitchen. We have so many pans/dishes we don't use. I also am going to pack up all my hair stuff so hopefully no one needs their hair done in the next two weeks! :) 

Now Mia is taking her second nap of the day, and I think its time for me to nap too. 

Real quick- I found this on pinterest from little miss mommas blog. This is EXACTLY what I want to do to Mia and little mister's room!! Same colors, and same ideas. Its seriously so cute, and would be ok for a girls room too in my opinion. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


almost 4 years after we moved into our little apartment...

we are moving! This place has been a fun place to live for the past 4 years. It was our first apartment as a married couple. Our apartment as first time parents. Our apartment through good and bad times! But, the time has come to move on. We need a little more space with this second baby coming. I wont lie, this neighborhood has been a little sketchy. With the train tracks basically in our back yard, and random people walking by our apartment with no shirt on..... I am ready to go somewhere a little more kid friendly. Haha. Its really not that bad. :) We were able to plant flowers, and have a garden. We had great landlords who were prompt to fix issues or come unlock the door in the middle of the night if we locked ourselves out! Haha. 

We are moving to a new place in Orem off 800 N. 
It's still 2 bed 1 bath, but is 1000 square feet, has a seperate laundry room, has a dishwasher (!!) and disposal, more counter space and cabinets in the kitchen, A sliding glass door on the shower, and TONS of storage. There is also a fenced in area in the yard with a swing set and a picnic table and a sand box! We will love playing in that this summer. The neighborhood is super nice. Just down the street from us are some houses that are clearly in the 400,000 price range... And the church is right across the street. The yard is kept up pretty nice as well too. And we really like the landlords! The only downside is the master bedroom is actually pretty small. Its smaller than our bedroom. But the second room is about the same size as Mia's right now, so we will for sure be able to fit both babies in there. There are many updates that make this apartment worth it for me. It's also only 650 a month! Killer deal. The outside of the apartment isn't super cute, but we can deal with that. :) 

So, we move into the new place APRIL 1st. Like, soon. Haha. We would love any and all help moving, cleaning, and packing!!! Luckily our current landlords have been amazing to work with and will let us out of our month to month contract without 30 days notice. We let them know today and she said we can just pay for the day or two in April if we cant get out before April 1st. Awesome! 

If anyone of you know someone (or you yourself) are interested in this apartment, it's $625 a month. Year contract, then month to month. Amazing landlords and maintenance/yard keeper. Nice carpet, cabinets have been placed above where washer and dryer go in the bathroom.. obviously there are washer dryer hookups. :) If you want to come look at our apartment, give me a call and we can give you a walk through! 801-616-7288

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fitting two babies in one bedroom

So I have been trying to decide how I am going to make a two bedroom place work with a boy and girl in the same room. I am one of those weird people that doesn't want the whole room blue or pink.. so I have been looking for a gender neutral way to make the room work for both of them. 

I found some super cute colorful bedding at Ikea, for only 12 dollars!

This bedding will be on the new baby's crib. My client is giving us a small white toddler bed for Mia, so I am thinking of making her a quilt thats a little more girly with the same colors. 

Then, maybe make something like this?

Definitely want to make this- with the colors of the bedding and also paint some wood letters that are their names. 

Then, I plan to make these. These are so so easy to make, and cheap! So I will totally make some. 

Maybe make this too. 

We have a white bookcase in the room that has some pink baskets on it, so I think I will get some colored baskets to make them match. 

Ideas? Do you think that will be ok for girl and boy?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Gettin things done

Kevin and I got so much done this weekend. 

It took all weekend only because I had to take it slow. take a nap in between, eat 500 meals, and just work through the nausea, but we got it done. 

I cleaned our totally dirty bedroom. Well, most of it. I had so many clothes all over the place. So I did that, and laundry. Cleaned out my closet too. The only thing left is the dresser- which I am wanting to sell. Its too big and bulky with not enough storage.. if that makes sense? 

Then, I cleaned out Mia's whole closet. Like, you could not open her closet or something would fall down on you. I have a client giving me a small white toddler bed for Mia so we had to make room for it in her room. We decided to move her dresser into the closet, and take all our decorations, christmas tree, and her old clothes that dont fit to my moms. They have an empty basement so we were lucky enough to store them all in one of the guest bedroom closets! Thanks mom and dad! 

We also did dishes, washed the couch cover, vacuumed, and started working on taxes.. bleh. Now I just need to get the bathroom cleaned, and the rest of our room finished. It feels good to get things done although I always pay for it the next day.. If I have a good day, I do alot. Then, I always have a bad day the next day. I'll take it though if I can have one good day in between. 

Mia sat and watched us eating her cheerios most of the weekend. She was a trooper and loved going through her old clothes.. (or rather, pulling them out of her dresser.) 

So glad to have Kevin's help this weekend. Thanks babe for helping me get things organized! I sure love you! 

by the way, its so nice not having facebook!! I spend so much less time on my phone and computer. Its glorious. And hey, look, I am blogging. 4 posts in 2 days!

It's a boy!

Baby #2 is definitely a boy! 

Here's the proof: 

It's been a wild ride. 
I've lost 18 pounds. Still haven't gained anything. I am measuring 2 weeks ahead- but thats because  my placenta is right in front above the baby.. so its pushing my belly out farther. (thats what the doctor said.) I have had some round ligament pain, but it's manageable if I just lay on my left side. 

I have had ketones probably once a week/every other week and those make me feel terrible. I've been dehydrated and had so many IV's that I can't even keep count anymore. I am still throwing up all morning, and feeling sick until about 3 pm. Then I get a break until about 9 pm.. and start feeling sick again. Its glorious.. 

So far though, baby looks healthy. No signs of spina bifida. I am getting really excited for this baby to come! I am half way there. 

We have a few names that we like but are still deciding.. so I guess we will wait to announce it. 
well, there's an update on the baby. I am anxious to see what he will look like and if he will have as much hair as Mia did. Labor is going to be a piece of cake compared to pregnancy! Can't wait to hold him in my arms. 

We are so excited that it's a boy. It is going to be so fun having Mia and him so close together and having one of each gender. Only problem is I have to start all over on clothes! I better start buying now... :) 

Mia is 1!

Mia's birth date was 2/29/12- Leap Day! So we decided we will celebrate her birthday on Feb. 28th. I feel like as soon as she turned one, she grew up SO much. She says words and signs words, loves to play.. she is so funny. The morning of her birthday we had her open her presents- a baby doll, a stroller, an outfit, and a popper toy thing that you push. She was so excited about the baby and kept holding it and patting the baby's bum. Haha. We pretty much just relaxed at home all day since Kevin had to work and go to school. 

The real party came Saturday! (2 days later) We scheduled the church building and had both sides of the family come as well as a few friends. I honestly think there were 60 people there. It was madness  But so so much fun. We did potluck, and had soups, rolls, veggies, and fruit. She was smiling at everyone and letting anyone hold her. She was crawling everywhere and loving the attention. Here is a picture my mom captured of her: 

We had taken Mia to the doc the day before for her well check and the doctor discovered a really bad double ear infection. I didnt even know, because she wasn't acting any different. At the party however, the noise got to her and she kept rubbing her ears and was getting super fussy after dinner time... hence... the sad cake smash pictures. I think the singing Happy Birthday is what really set her off. So many people, so much noise, and hurting ears was not a good combination. 

We gave her a bath in the kitchen sink there at the church since she clearly didnt want to lick her fingers.. 

After we got her cleaned up and a bottle down her system and a blanket and snuggles, she seemed to perk up a little. Most of the people had left by then, and we started to open her presents. Which by the way- she got soooo spoiled! We told people not to bring gifts but they did anyway. It was fun to open her presents and see all the fun things she got. Stuffed animals, books, outfits, bubbles,  a homemade blanket, a gold dollar, toys.. all kinds of fun stuff. She was spoiled. 

It was fun to see everyone. Thanks for all those who came!! We love you all! 

Here are some one year old stats for our Mia girl! 
Mia weighs 16.3 lbs- 4th percentile
is 29.6 inches tall- 33rd percentile
and her head is in the 3rd percentile

She has 4 teeth on top, two on bottom with one more coming in. 

She wears size 3 diaper, size 6-9 month clothes, and size 1 and 2 shoes.

She can say dada, momma, cracker, no, and kitty 

She can sign milk, more, cracker, food, all done, thank you, dog, and we are teaching her a few more. 

She is ALMOST walking. She will stand by her self for about 5-10 seconds not holding on to anything. She can walk perfect if she is pushing her stroller. She stands holding on to things with one hand basically all day. 

She loves to eat. Anything. She is now mostly all on whole milk instead of formula. She can drink out of a straw. She loves her baby food, especially the meat ones. (gag me) She loves cheerios, crackers (any kind), cheese, veggie soup, eggs, beans.. anything really. 

She is starting to get the sippy cup thing down. Its taken a while- but she is getting close. 

She loves to say hi, and wave to everyone and clap her hands. She also loves to play peekaboo. 

She gives kisses on the lips. And I mean puckered up ones. No joke. Its possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen. 

She loves to be around other kids. She especially loves her friends Hannah, Paige, Bella, and Makenzie. 

We got to babysit Ally's baby boy while they went to the temple and Mia was so soft with him! She kept kissing him and rubbing his head and belly. It was really cute. Hopefully she will be soft for her baby brother coming! 

Mia takes two naps still. They both range from 1-3 hours depending on the day. Which is wonderful for me, so I can nap too. 

She is starting to sit still long enough to let me read her a book. Thank goodness for that, we love books! 

She still loves her bath time, and loves to splash all over. 

This girl has changed our lives forever. She is spunky, fun, loving, hilarious, and downright cute. We just can't get enough of her. 

I love you Mia Bean. Its been the best year ever! I'm glad I am your mommy. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

bye bye facebook

I deactivated my Facebook tonight for a number of reasons. I dont know how long I will keep it deactivated. I just know I need a good break. If you would like to keep in touch with me, please give me a call or text. I will still try to update the blog when I can. 


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