Friday, November 2, 2012

November Photo A Day Challenge: Day 2- Smile

Today's photo challenge is about Smiles! I am so grateful for smiles! A smile can literally change someones day. Sometimes you get so busy running around and doing your errands that its nice to just catch a smile from someone and help you to remember to relax and smile a little! And- it doesn't cost a thing to wear or give. I truly believe a smile can change many situations for the better. 

There are many reasons I smile. I smile because I love the surroundings around me.. (this time it was the beach!)

I smile when people make faces with me!

I smile when best friends get engaged!!

I smile with excitement for other people- in this case, jon and kennas wedding! 

I smile when I need a new fb profile pic. hahaha

This man and this baby makes me smile. I smile when I look at these two, my greatest blessings

I smile when Mia squeals! 

I smile when playing with the neice and nephews and they are telling jokes and being silly! being an aunt is definitely smile worthy

I smile when people tickle me!

this smile melts my heart. Sweet pretty girl Laila! 

I smile when im with this chick- the funniest girl I know in the world! Miss u jena poo

I smile when I make a baby smile!

I smile when I am doing things I love, like teaching Musical Theater and being with my kids!

This koolaid smile is the best!

I saw this on pintrest and just loved it. Its so true. If you try to keep the corners of your mouth up in a smile position, most others will follow. You can make someone who is sad, feel glad! I love that a simple smile can make you feel so loved. 

So today, I am thankful for smiles. I got lots of them from Miss Mia today, and I even got to visit with my bestie becca and smile with her. 

Thanks to all the people who smile with me!

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