Monday, November 12, 2012

my lil buddy

Mia is at such a fun stage right now! She is hilarious, I cant wait till she can talk because shes gonna be a hoot. She sings along at church when we are singing the hymns (im totally being serious), she squeals instead of laughs when shes excited, She started shaking when shes excited too. She crawls super super fast and follows me very where. 

She HATES the vacuum  and will cry every time its turned on. One time she was crawling around and I was vacuuming and she crawled in front of it as if she were trying to stop it, like it was going to get me and hurt me. She was all protective of me and climbed up on it and would not get out of the way until I turned it off and picked her up. 

She wont sit up in the bath anymore. She gets on her tummy and literally acts like shes swimming. Then she splashes water everywhere, until eventually she gets some in her mouth, and she coughs and then looks at me as if shes waiting for me to tell her shes in trouble for drinking the bath water.  LOL. 

She loves to eat anything and everything off of the floor. That includes leaves. She loves crunchy leaves. I just cannot keep that floor clean enough! 
She takes 3 naps. Two of them are anywhere from an hour to two hours, and one of them is usually 30 minutes. 
She just BARELY hit 15 pounds. such a skinny little thing. 
She loves other kids. especially kids that are crawling like her. She just stares at them and smiles! Its the cutest thing. 
Her hair is getting so long that its starting to drive me nuts. Its thin, but so long that headbands dont really look super cute anymore. But its thin enough that the clips like to slide out. at least she has hair though, right?! haha

Shes my little buddy, and I am so grateful to be able to stay at home with her every day!! 


Mike and Adrianne said...

Uh oh, I better have the vacuuming done before she gets here. I can not keep it clean these days. I vacuum and the boys make it dirty two seconds later. It will be fun trying to keep stuff out of her mouth! It's been a while since I've had a baby crawling around on my floor....we are excited to meet her!

Michelle said...

For as little as she is (that you wrote, just 15 pounds) she looks so healthy and she sure is a cutie. I hope to meet her when we come out to Utah at Christmas!!!

Jacob and Melanie Hopkinson said...

She seems so similar to Maeve! She is such a doll. And YES... Be grateful for the hair! :)


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