Monday, November 12, 2012

my lil buddy

Mia is at such a fun stage right now! She is hilarious, I cant wait till she can talk because shes gonna be a hoot. She sings along at church when we are singing the hymns (im totally being serious), she squeals instead of laughs when shes excited, She started shaking when shes excited too. She crawls super super fast and follows me very where. 

She HATES the vacuum  and will cry every time its turned on. One time she was crawling around and I was vacuuming and she crawled in front of it as if she were trying to stop it, like it was going to get me and hurt me. She was all protective of me and climbed up on it and would not get out of the way until I turned it off and picked her up. 

She wont sit up in the bath anymore. She gets on her tummy and literally acts like shes swimming. Then she splashes water everywhere, until eventually she gets some in her mouth, and she coughs and then looks at me as if shes waiting for me to tell her shes in trouble for drinking the bath water.  LOL. 

She loves to eat anything and everything off of the floor. That includes leaves. She loves crunchy leaves. I just cannot keep that floor clean enough! 
She takes 3 naps. Two of them are anywhere from an hour to two hours, and one of them is usually 30 minutes. 
She just BARELY hit 15 pounds. such a skinny little thing. 
She loves other kids. especially kids that are crawling like her. She just stares at them and smiles! Its the cutest thing. 
Her hair is getting so long that its starting to drive me nuts. Its thin, but so long that headbands dont really look super cute anymore. But its thin enough that the clips like to slide out. at least she has hair though, right?! haha

Shes my little buddy, and I am so grateful to be able to stay at home with her every day!! 

the first snow of the season!

this last week provo got slammed with snow! we got probably 7 inches I would say.. but a lot of it has melted since. 

Here are some pictures of the snow when it first started snowing on Friday:

It was a really pretty storm, but lots and lots of accidents! Mia ate some of the snow. Haha. We both need snow clothes. I was looking online for some snow suit outfits for her so we could play in the snow and they are like 80 bucks! what the heck! no way. Guess she will wait till next year! :) 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

relishing the moments

When Mia was first born, I snuggled her and napped with her right next to me. I snuggled her every  chance I could get. I would just stare at her while she was sleeping- and be in awe at how beautiful she is and that I made something so perfect. 

As she has gotten older, she doesn't sit still long enough to be snuggled very often. She naps on her own in her crib and never rests her head on my shoulders anymore. She used to let me rock her and snuggle her and sing to her before bed time, but now, she wants to put herself to sleep. She will fuss until I put her in her crib- then she will turn on her side, and immediately go to sleep on her own. Such a good little girl- but I do miss being able to snuggle her to sleep. 
The other day, I was at my parents taking care of Ammon and I had just put him on the potty to have his bowels flushed. That takes an hour and a half- and usually its around the time Mia needs an afternoon nap. She NEVER naps at my parents.. She has a really hard time napping anywhere but her own crib. We have tried and tried to have her sleep in the pack and play other places but it just doesn't happen. Well, after I put Ammon on the potty, I was holding Mia. She was sooo tired, and rubbing her eyes, and fussing. I could tell she wanted to go to sleep. I had tried putting her in the pack and play but she wasn't having it. I decided to hold her tight and close to me and rock her in my parents recliner that rocks back and forth. Eventually, she rested her head on my shoulder and fell asleep. Normally I would have taken advantage of her falling asleep and put her in the pack and play and gone and done other things that needed to be done. But- this time- I just wanted to freeze time...

My baby has gotten so big. She crawls, and eats normal food, and laughs and plays with toys. She throws fits, she sits up, she loves to pet dogs. Shes not a tiny baby anymore. It hit me in that moment- and I had to relish in it. So, I held her. I rested my head on her head and loved every.single.minute of that nap. I stayed awake, just listening to her breathe and thinking about all the memories, challenges, and happiness the last 8 months has brought us. This girl is our world! 

Kevin and I stay up at night talking and laughing about all the funny things she does. The grunts and growls she makes, the way she squeals when she sees an animal (mostly just dogs), and the way she grabs at every.single.thing. we eat. She just wants to grow up! But we just want to freeze time. 

I love this Mia girl so dang much. More than I ever thought I could. My heart is full of gratitude for her tonight. I feel as though I am the luckiest person in the world right now. Not just to be a mom, but to be HER mom. Lucky me. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

November Photo A Day Challenge: Day 2- Smile

Today's photo challenge is about Smiles! I am so grateful for smiles! A smile can literally change someones day. Sometimes you get so busy running around and doing your errands that its nice to just catch a smile from someone and help you to remember to relax and smile a little! And- it doesn't cost a thing to wear or give. I truly believe a smile can change many situations for the better. 

There are many reasons I smile. I smile because I love the surroundings around me.. (this time it was the beach!)

I smile when people make faces with me!

I smile when best friends get engaged!!

I smile with excitement for other people- in this case, jon and kennas wedding! 

I smile when I need a new fb profile pic. hahaha

This man and this baby makes me smile. I smile when I look at these two, my greatest blessings

I smile when Mia squeals! 

I smile when playing with the neice and nephews and they are telling jokes and being silly! being an aunt is definitely smile worthy

I smile when people tickle me!

this smile melts my heart. Sweet pretty girl Laila! 

I smile when im with this chick- the funniest girl I know in the world! Miss u jena poo

I smile when I make a baby smile!

I smile when I am doing things I love, like teaching Musical Theater and being with my kids!

This koolaid smile is the best!

I saw this on pintrest and just loved it. Its so true. If you try to keep the corners of your mouth up in a smile position, most others will follow. You can make someone who is sad, feel glad! I love that a simple smile can make you feel so loved. 

So today, I am thankful for smiles. I got lots of them from Miss Mia today, and I even got to visit with my bestie becca and smile with her. 

Thanks to all the people who smile with me!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Just call me fatty

I HAD to go shopping tonight, because my one and only pair of jeans that I fit into got a rip in the crotch area.. so it was time. Shopping for myself is not something I enjoy one bit. I would rather shop for Mia, Kevin, or for home decorations/crafts. 

So, I put Mia to bed at 7:30 and asked my neighbor Mikale to come sit with Mia while she was sleeping. (Thank you Mikale, you are the best!!) I headed over to the University Mall in Orem and went to Forever 21 first. They have jeans for $10.80 so I wanted to check there first. A super nice worker helped me pick out a ton of cute clothes, mostly some that I would have never picked (I have no sense of style) and I was so excited to try them on! 

The only size of jeans that fit me were 31's. Oh my gosh. So so sad. I remember being a 27 in high school.. They were skinny jeans, which I wanted to go with boots for the winter. I decided to get them. I had a ton of sweaters to try on- literally 10.. and not ONE of them looked good on me. I wanted to cry right then and there in the dressing room! They all just truly showed how fat I really am right now.. the most I have ever weighed in my life.. I weigh what I weighed when I delivered Mia. Well, 4 pounds less. That depresses me. I ended up only getting the skinny jeans. 

Then, I headed over to Down East. I tried on some of their jeans, and their 31's didnt even fit me. :( I had to buy 34's! Seriously, you have no idea what that did for my self esteem. I am bigger than my husband, who wears a 32. So Depressed. 

If that wasn't bad enough, I went into the Children's Place to look for some shoes for Mia and one lady that worked there was helping me. She said "So how far along are you?" I said, oh... I am not pregnant. She replied "Oh sorry, I'm not calling you fat." Um, ok. you should have stopped talking a long time ago lady. Gosh. I was literally trying to hold back the tears. I said "Oh its fine. I guess I deserve it for being the fattest I have ever been in my life."

I will never go shopping for myself again until I turn anorexic. 


but really. no shopping for me. And looks like its time to hit the gym. 3 times a day, 7 times a week.

November Photo a Day:1-Fave Food!

I'm starting a photo a day for November challenge on gratitude! 

Today is day one, and its a photo of your favorite food! 

I would have to say homemade pizza is right there at the top! 
mmm... nothin like a homemade pizza hot out of the oven to fill your belly! 

I am grateful that we have food to help fill our bellies. 

Whats your favorite food?


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