Wednesday, October 3, 2012

what we've been up to

we have been crazy busy the last few weeks!! Even though I am a stay at home mom I don't even feel like it! Mia sure does keep me busy and shes not even signed up for dance or singing or piano yet! ;) 

This little stinker turned 7 months old on the 29th. She has changed SO much this last month. 

Mia weighs 14.6 pounds
She is 27 inches long
She wears size 2 diapers
Her clothing is 0-3 for onesies and 3-6 for pants, her legs are soo long! 
She takes 2-3 naps a day. Usually two of them are short 20 to 30 minute ones, and one is an hour and a half. That longer one just started this week.. lets hope it stays!
she has TWO teeth. They came in this last week and both came in within two days. can you say ornery baby?? haha. 
Mia isnt quite crawling yet, but she does army crawl! 
She rolls all over the place. I can NOT keep this girl still for a diaper change. It drives me nuts! Active little thing!
I have given her two haircuts now. Her hair is growing like a weed, although it is thin. Long and thin!
She loves to sit up. 
Is pretty good in her carseat in the car now. No screaming anymore, YAY!
She eats 1 to 1.5 cans of 4 oz. baby food each day. So far nothing she wont eat. 
She loves music, keys, blocks, chords, paper.. basically anything she can put in her mouth! 
She loves to be outside and her FAVORITE Thing is the bath! 
She says 'dadadada" and can WAVE hello! no joke! just started that this week too! 

her smile melts my heart. My fussy baby is slowly turning into a happy baby. She is slowly growing out of her tummy issues and constant screaming. She smiles, and giggles, and grabs my nose, and plays with toys. She is so cute- her personality is so crazy! Shes so active and fun to be with. I am enjoying every minute of being a mommy!

I started doing respite care for my little brother Ammon, I go Monday, Wed, and Friday from 3-6. My parents needed someone to go help out with cathing and feeding and homework stuff and just someone to keep him company! I gladly get to do it and get to take Mia with me. We have a good time and I enjoy talking to him and being around him! He is a funny kid. 

I have also been working my Mary Kay Business like crazy! I only need one more team member till I recieve my red jacket:: wahoo! I am determined to earn it by the end of this month!! 

There is a mary Kay makeover contest going on right now- and its been fun for me to do faces and take before and afters! Here are 3 faces I have done in the last little while for the contest: 

Oh and you know me, always gotta be busy, I added a hairbow business to my list of things to do. I have actually sold a LOT on there, so its been very worth it and fun! I love creating. Here are a few of the bows/headbands I have made: 

It's called MiaBean's Boutique. Ive had a lot of sales so far! So fun. 

Kevin is working so hard! We hardly see him, it makes me sad. :( He got a dollar raise at work, and he is getting A's in his classes right now! I am so proud of him! He also has been helping out with Mia a ton so I can get to run errands without her or do hair or etc. I love my man. Best.Husband.Ever. And best daddy too. Mia is attached to that man! 

Well, thats what we have been up to! Off to bed now! zzzzz


The Duke said...

We are very glad that you are able to help out with Ammon. It was fantastic that he was all ready to go for his concert by the time I got home! He loves being with you all the time.
You are a busy woman and I'm impress with all that you do.

Mrs.Danielle.Warren said...

Glad you've been super busy! I need to start being as busy as you just to keep myself sane lol

Whit said...

i need you to teach me how to do makeup :)

Mike and Adrianne said...

It is so weird to me that she has two teeth. My kids never got teeth until they were about 12 months. Kids are all so different. Once she starts crawling, things get crazy--and fun!

Michelle said...

You do make up very well. I'm impressed by how nice all three of those ladies look in their after pictures. Last time I went to a Mary Kay party they had my face looking like prostitute which is probably why I don't like wearing much makeup, but if I could look all nice and natural like those girls then I would wear makeup again. Right now I just wear lip gloss and some time eyeliner, that's it. Mia is adorable.


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