Thursday, October 25, 2012

nothing important

I havent blogged much the last few months .

I feel as though I have nothing important to write. 

I've had a million things on my mind but nothing I can put into words. But, I miss blogging, so I guess I will try to put something together. This post is a little bit of everything. 

I have had a frustrating few months. I have had a sinus infection since the end of August. I might have even had it before then, but didn't know.. Because I have had the pressure and headaches for months. The doctor told me in Sep. that she didn't know how I was even breathing because of how inflamed my sinuses were. No wonder I always get headaches and migraines. She gave me some antibiodics but it didn't work... so we tried a stronger one.. and that didn't work either. Since we have already met our maximum out of pocket for the year the doctor suggested getting a CT scan since it would be free. So, I got one on Tuesday morning and am just waiting to hear results. I swear, every corner I turn I get sick or have some weird body problem. It's so frustrating. My poor husband. I originally went into the doctor because I was getting a lot of headaches again, and she looked in my nose and discovered my sinus infection. She said that was probably causing my headaches. Since I have had headaches since I was 16, I wonder if I have been having sinus infections all this time but not getting the other symptoms? It wasn't until I started the antibiotics that I started feeling sick with the runny nose and sore throat and cough- and thats probably because its all draining now. Weird.. Hopefully we can get this figured out. 

My knee is starting to feel pretty good. I think I can start jogging now. I have knelt on it a few times, but only with the support of my hands too. I hope it continues to heal up great and that I can get back into working out full force. I have been doing some Zumba via youtube in my home and I love it! I can go at my own pace without feeling like a complete idiot. 

My best friend is having a baby in 2 months! 2 months people! I cant wait for Ally to have her little Nixon! Hes gonna be my best buddy. I hope she will let me watch him. :) She has been decorating his room and its sooo cute. I love it. She decorates so cute all the time. She pretty much has all that she needs as far as the big stuff and as far as clothes because her sisters gave her tons of clothes.. so I honestly have no idea what to get her! Ideas?? She has a stroller, pack and play, crib, bedding, diapers, (I can get her more of those), clothes, carseat, bouncer, swing... whats an essential boy item or baby item? Oh, and she has a diaper bag too. Ally if you are reading this, what the heck do you want?! haha I gotta spoil my baby Nixon! I am excited to see what he looks like. 

I got a new visiting teacher. Her name is sam. I love her soooo much. She has become one of my best friends too. Shes younger than me by a few years but I love her dearly and we get a long so well! She just cracks me up. I am grateful for people who care about me and for good friends. I have made a lot of new friends lately. I got invited to this facebook group for moms and because of that group I have met a lot of people! One of them is my friend Adrienne. She lives just a few blocks from me! She has two girls, and they are super cute. They love Mia, and Mia loves to be around other kids. We have fun together. She's a teacher and she is an amazing cook. She made me some yummy cupcakes the other day.. I about died and went to heaven when I took a bite! 

I feel like Kev and I never see eachother. And we haven't been on a date without Mia in months. Dont get me wrong, I love her so much but sometimes, I wish Kev would just take me out like the old days! Tonight I was taking out the trash and saw my neighbor knocking on her door. I asked her if she got locked out and she said, "nope, just going on a date with my hubby! I'm knocking on the door!" I thought it was so cute, it reminded me of when we first got married and would go on dates all the time. I am ashamed to admit this but we havent been to the temple since the beginning of my pregnancy with Mia. That was like 16 months ago. I want our next date to be temple, and ice cream after. That would be perfect. And maybe even a little walk at the park or swinging or something... Who wants to babysit?? :)

Mia has returned to her happy self. Shes so funny. Her personality is so spicy  That girl, she just melts my heart! I have realized over the last 8 months that being a mother is truly what I was meant to do. I have been so so blessed to have been able to have Mia. Who knows if I will ever get to have another child? All I know is that she is here now, and I love her more than life itself.

My oldest nephew just left on his mission. I cant believe I have a nephew old enough to go on one!  He is off to Anaheim CA.  So proud of him! 

I am in limbo with my Mary Kay stuff right now. I love the makeup and product, I love the training, I love the people I have met, and I love the money I have made. BUT, I hate the time you have to spend to make what you really want to make, and I hate trying to sell things to people. Thats just not my personality. I hate being away from Mia. Sometimes with all the things I am involved in I feel like I am not even a stay at home mom. I feel like I am too busy to enjoy things with her. I am always just on the go. I love doing hair, and I love doing respite care for Ammon because we can get out of the house and spend time with him (hes my favorite person) and I can take Mia with me. But with Mary Kay, I havent decided if it's worth it yet. I have made a lot of money and know I can make more, but that also comes with time. I just need to think about it longer. I have a MK conference on Saturday all day and maybe I will get the answer I need there. 

Well, thats all thats new I guess. If you have ideas for me to blog about, please, do tell. Haha. Sorry if you were bored by this :) Just a plain ol update! 

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Justin and Heather Phillips said...

Gillian I could always make your friend a bath towel if you are interested! Or even better I could teach you how to do it yourself! Just a thought:) Hope you are doing good!!


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