Friday, October 12, 2012

Mia's Birth Video (not graphic, I promise)

Last night I was watching snipits of Mias birth on our computer and I decided to make a little video out of it. This is my first time making/editing a video so dont judge too harshly. All that matters is that I have footage of my sweet baby girl when she was born, and that the birth is documented so I never forget how special it was. I loved my delivery! 

There are a few parts in here where Mia is literally gray/purple because she isn't breathing. Every time I watch it I hold my breath.. I had no idea how much she was struggling because I was getting stitched up and cleaned up. All I know is that I only got to hold Mia for a few seconds before they took  her away, and that I wanted my little baby back! I was so relieved not to be pregnant anymore, but then felt weird not having her inside of me, for me to feel her kicking and moving all day. When they took her away I felt like a piece of me was gone. She had been with me for the last 9 months and then she was gone just like that! At least we got to visit her in the NICU. So grateful for that. And, so grateful for awesome doctors who took such good care of her, and that we got to take her home soon after. 

I cant believe this was almost 8 months ago, it seems like it was just yesterday that she was born. You literally blink and weeks pass by. So grateful for this little cutie.


Bre And Drew said...

That was a sweet video I loved how you did it. She will love to see that someday. :)

Jess and Jen said...

This is so nice Gillian! -Jen


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