Sunday, September 9, 2012

sick, sick, sickies

our household is a germ fest right now! 

Holy Toledo. Mia got her 6 mo. shorts on Tuesday, then started getting sick Wednesday with a horrible cough and runny nose. She is sleeping terrible because she can't breathe. She was up till 2AM the other night, when she normally goes to sleep at 8. Poor baby! Nothing makes me more sad than to see her sad and sick. Shes been very snuggly though so I have enjoyed that! Shes still managing to keep her spirits some what up. 

Me on the other hand, have been feeling sick for like two months for various reasons. I have had a constant headache and been so so tired. I have had no energy, and have been having dizzy spells every now and again. I thought it was my IUD causing weird side effects, so I decided to go in to the doctor and figure it out. I went on Wednesday and was there for a whopping 3 hours. After I told her all of my symptoms, she did a physical exam. At that point, I wasn't feeling stuffed up or sore throat or coughing or anything like that. But, she looked in my nose and saw that I had a terrible sinus infection! She said she wanted me to get on Amoxicillen as soon as possible. I was surprised that I had it, because I didn't feel sick.. I guess all the headaches and pressure is what I had but nothing else. She also gave me a medicine to try for migraines when I get one. She said after my sinus infection is gone, if I am still getting alot of headaches and migraines, she wants to do an MRI to check my sinus's and head since the last one I got for headaches was 6 years ago. I also got some blood work done to see what else is goin on. They checked for my CBC, Thyroid, Iron level, and something else that I can't remember. She also upped my dose of my depression medicine. 

I got a phone call Friday letting me know that they got my blood results back and my thyroid was super low, as well as my Vitamin D! Bummer. Now I have to take thyroid medicine. Hopefully that will be the answer! The doctor said when its low, you have a hard time loosing weight, having energy, you always feel like you never slept, and you are very depressed. No wonder I have been feeling so terrible lately! Lets hope I dont have to go the MRI and that everything will be fixed now that I am taking a thyroid pill. 

I am looking forward to being able to loose weight.. I HATE my body right now more than I ever have- and I have got to get this stupid baby weight off! I even liked my body better when I was pregnant! 

Luckily my knee is feeling pretty good. I think I might be able to start jogging in a few months. I still cant kneel on it, but Its feeling much better! 

I am currently living off all this. so help me.. 

so glad this girly is smiling this morning. 

heres to hoping Kev doesnt get sick too... 


Lokodi said...

Hey, we have the same exact baby einstein play center.

Sorry to hear you all aren't feeling well. That's never good to hear. Hope you all feel better next week.


Ashley Rose said...

We had a sickfest going on at my house last week!! Thank goodness for doTERRA - totally saved us!!


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