Friday, September 21, 2012

re-decorating and fall stuff

I have been wanting to redo our bathroom for a long time now, so I just went ahead and made a few changes! I got a new shower curtain, and two gray towels and two turquoise towels. Everything else I had or made. 

I made these two prints on my computer and got the frames from the dollar store, then painted them. I also already had the M that I made a year or two ago. 

I also set up all my fall things a few weeks ago. 

This wall was buggin me- and was bare. So, I took frames I got at DI and filled them with some of my fave pictures. 

That's basically it- but I have been having fun updating some things. I have been itching for something new- and a few little updates did it just enough. :) 

1 comment:

The Duke said...

I always love the cute decorations you have in your house. Enjoy while you can because soon Miss Mia will be playing with all of it except what's hanging on those walls.


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