Sunday, September 2, 2012

demolition derby and kevins birthday

I am so behind in blogging. thought I better update this on Kevins birthday stuff!! 

Kevin turned 26 this year. I made him waffles for breakfast, then we went and looked at a house (yay!) and then went to the mall so he could get a new shirt. Oh, and dont forget that he got a PS3 from me! (yes, I got it!) I gave it to him early because I couldnt keep a secret. Then, he had to work, but Mia and I took him dinner and cupcakes. I saved up all my money for a while from doing hair and used it all to get him a PS3. He is always saying he doesnt want anything, but that we could use birthday money to get new brake pads for the car, or so on so forth. So, I figured if I earned the money, money that wasn't budgeted into our budget, I could spend it however I wanted on him and he couldn't return it! I looked on KSL and found a steal of a deal- a PS3 with two wireless controllers, 5 games, wireless headphones, and an HDMI chord all for $275. I know thats ALOT of money to spend on a birthday, but he has been working so hard lately and I felt like he deserved it. This is him opening his present.. 

We then also went to the demolition derby. Its always the weekend of his birthday at the Utah County Fair, so we like to go to that together. We walked around the fair for a bit and found this huge pumpkin! so big

There was the biggest lego display I have ever seen..

Here are some pictures from the demo derby. It was so fun, and we love going! If you have never been, you def need to go sometime!!

Love you babe, hope you had a good birthday!

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