Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dear Mia Bean

Dear Mia Bean,

Tonight, I am so full of love for you, my sweet little one. 

I am so lucky. 

You bring so much happiness in my life. 

I did not anticipate having a child with all the issues you have had- colic, reflux, etc.. but I also did not anticipate how much love for you I would have! I had no idea a mother could love this much.. 

I knew I would love you. I knew I would bond with you, and have fun dressing you up, and doing all the fun girl stuff with you... But I did not know that my love for you would grow into you being my best friend. Yes, you are only 6 months old, so you could ask how I could have a 6 month old as a best friend? It's easy... you don't talk back ;) Haha...

Mia I have been trying to remember all the little things you do that I love. There are so many things! The way you talk and discover that raspy voice of yours all day, especially when you first wake up. I go into your room and you are kicking your legs like crazy, and smile so big the second you see my face. When I feed you, you always grab my nose. I don't know why- but it makes me laugh. When you are very sleepy, you suck on your little binky and moan with your eyes closed, as you put your hand over your eyes. Its so adorable. You smile from ear to ear if I walk into a room you are in.. especially if daddy was watching you for a few hours while I ran an errand or so. You can't go to sleep/relax at nighttime without me singing to you. I hope you will remember all the songs and sing them with me as you get older! As annoying as it can be, I think its hilarious that if you have your binky in, you will take it out to cry, just to be loud. Even though you know very well how to put that thing back in.. :) I love how I go in to get you from your naps and your socks are completely soaked, with your SLOBBER. mmm.. You love those feet of yours! You love to nuzzle in to my shoulder when you are sleepy- its the best when you snuggle me! I love how you think anything I am eating should be yours- like that hot dog you took out of my hands at RC Willey a few weekends ago... remember that? You stuck a huge chunk of it in your mouth you stinker! I love your cute giggle when I try to give you kisses on your neck and cheek. You have decided lately that when you get a bath, I should too, because you splash so big that it gets me all wet! I love how you smile so big when the camera is in your face. So photogenic you are little one. I love how you squeal when you are excited or when someones baby talking to you. Its pretty much the cutest thing ever. I love your little gummy smile, can't wait till you get a few cute teeth. 

Most of all, I love that you are mine. My daughter for keeps. For always. Forever! You are so special. The most special thing in mommy and daddy's world. Don't ever forget it. You are a special daughter of God, and He loves you very much too! Your mom and dad are so lucky to have been trusted to be your parents. I can only hope we do the justice to be good parents to you. I know we have made lots of mistakes already and probably will for the rest of our lives... but I hope you know that we are trying to be the best we can be for you- because you are worth it! Worth every lost minute of sleep, every penny spent, every moment wiping your bum- hehe- worth every tear cried, worth everytime I threw up during pregnancy with you,  and worth every waking moment taking care of you. 

I Love you miss mi-ers. 

Mom and Dad


Michelle said...

Sweet post Gill :) You make me so excited to have my own little girl!

Radiant Red said...

Adorable! I love this!


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