Monday, September 24, 2012

a lil bit of this and that

Kevin's been going biking a ton lately. This last time, he went to Sundance, and his foot hit the pedal. It got his leg real good... poor guy! Its a really bad scab right now... Its pretty deep. 

I have been using Mary Kay eyelash serum and my lashes are growing so fast! I LOVE it!!

Put my fall wreath up, and added some potted flowers (thanks to my friend Jenny Smith who moved and let us have them.)

Fall Pictures of Miss Mia

Friday, September 21, 2012

re-decorating and fall stuff

I have been wanting to redo our bathroom for a long time now, so I just went ahead and made a few changes! I got a new shower curtain, and two gray towels and two turquoise towels. Everything else I had or made. 

I made these two prints on my computer and got the frames from the dollar store, then painted them. I also already had the M that I made a year or two ago. 

I also set up all my fall things a few weeks ago. 

This wall was buggin me- and was bare. So, I took frames I got at DI and filled them with some of my fave pictures. 

That's basically it- but I have been having fun updating some things. I have been itching for something new- and a few little updates did it just enough. :) 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dear Mia Bean

Dear Mia Bean,

Tonight, I am so full of love for you, my sweet little one. 

I am so lucky. 

You bring so much happiness in my life. 

I did not anticipate having a child with all the issues you have had- colic, reflux, etc.. but I also did not anticipate how much love for you I would have! I had no idea a mother could love this much.. 

I knew I would love you. I knew I would bond with you, and have fun dressing you up, and doing all the fun girl stuff with you... But I did not know that my love for you would grow into you being my best friend. Yes, you are only 6 months old, so you could ask how I could have a 6 month old as a best friend? It's easy... you don't talk back ;) Haha...

Mia I have been trying to remember all the little things you do that I love. There are so many things! The way you talk and discover that raspy voice of yours all day, especially when you first wake up. I go into your room and you are kicking your legs like crazy, and smile so big the second you see my face. When I feed you, you always grab my nose. I don't know why- but it makes me laugh. When you are very sleepy, you suck on your little binky and moan with your eyes closed, as you put your hand over your eyes. Its so adorable. You smile from ear to ear if I walk into a room you are in.. especially if daddy was watching you for a few hours while I ran an errand or so. You can't go to sleep/relax at nighttime without me singing to you. I hope you will remember all the songs and sing them with me as you get older! As annoying as it can be, I think its hilarious that if you have your binky in, you will take it out to cry, just to be loud. Even though you know very well how to put that thing back in.. :) I love how I go in to get you from your naps and your socks are completely soaked, with your SLOBBER. mmm.. You love those feet of yours! You love to nuzzle in to my shoulder when you are sleepy- its the best when you snuggle me! I love how you think anything I am eating should be yours- like that hot dog you took out of my hands at RC Willey a few weekends ago... remember that? You stuck a huge chunk of it in your mouth you stinker! I love your cute giggle when I try to give you kisses on your neck and cheek. You have decided lately that when you get a bath, I should too, because you splash so big that it gets me all wet! I love how you smile so big when the camera is in your face. So photogenic you are little one. I love how you squeal when you are excited or when someones baby talking to you. Its pretty much the cutest thing ever. I love your little gummy smile, can't wait till you get a few cute teeth. 

Most of all, I love that you are mine. My daughter for keeps. For always. Forever! You are so special. The most special thing in mommy and daddy's world. Don't ever forget it. You are a special daughter of God, and He loves you very much too! Your mom and dad are so lucky to have been trusted to be your parents. I can only hope we do the justice to be good parents to you. I know we have made lots of mistakes already and probably will for the rest of our lives... but I hope you know that we are trying to be the best we can be for you- because you are worth it! Worth every lost minute of sleep, every penny spent, every moment wiping your bum- hehe- worth every tear cried, worth everytime I threw up during pregnancy with you,  and worth every waking moment taking care of you. 

I Love you miss mi-ers. 

Mom and Dad

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thanks for making me feel like the worlds worst mom

so. I went to get probiotics today at good earth here in provo. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. Here is what happened. I walked in and asked where their probiotics were. They showed me to a wellness counselor who could help me. She was an older lady, maybe in her late 50's. I told her I needed power, dairy free. She showed me where it was and I told her Thank you. I asked her how to use it and how often and how much and whatnot. She said "just follow the directions." um.. ok, but on the directions it doesnt say how often to do it. She never answered that question. I told her I appreciated her showing me where it was, and that I was excited to use it because I had a bunch of friends who swear by it. She then proceeded to tell me how it has 'flora' in it, which you can't get if your baby is delivered via c-section, and that only the vaginal way is the most natural way and most beneficial to the baby.. um ok. I then told her "this is our last resort- she's had so many tummy issues, poor baby! we are taking her to a GI specialist in two weeks.." and then she interrupted me and said "do NOT let him do anything or give her anything." I then said "well, we have to get this figured out. I had to stop breastfeeding (she gasped) and we've tried reflux medicine, and we are on a really expensive great formula (gasped again). She looked at me like I was the worst mom in the world, and then said "Well- thats where you went wrong. You shouldn't have stopped breastfeeding. Thats what she needs!" (as she is shaking her head in disbelief, no joke.) It made me SO mad- I said "Well, I did what I thought was best for my daughter and she seems to be happier on formula and because of her lactose sensitivity I don't feel guilty for stopping and doing whats best for her. Thanks for your help." then I walked away. I wanted to punch her in the face. WHY do people think its breastfeed or die?! Thanks for making me feel like a crappy mom lady. 

And don't worry, I cried when I got in the car. The funny thing is people judge when they dont know the whole situation- for instance, my milk supply was basically gone anyway, so she needed to be supplemented anyway. There wasn't much I could have done about that. And I breastfed for 4 months, that was a good try. I do not feel guilty for stopping, but In that instance, it brought back all the saddness and worries I had at the time for stopping and wondering how I would be judged or if it was the right thing to do. I KNOW it was the right thing for us, but it was not her right to tell me that I shouldn't have stopped breastfeeding! I called the manager in tears when I got home and told her I thought it was completely inappropriate that the lady was that opinionated and rude to me about that sensitive subject. The manager was so nice about it and told me she was going to do everything in her power to make this right for me. I was just so mad, I hate how judgy women are and how they think breastfeeding is liquid gold and how it's the only thing that makes your kid smart and how your kid will be sick the rest of their life if they weren't breastfed.. I want people who think that way to be punched in the face. There. I said it.

And dont get me wrong, breastfeeding is wonderful, and if it would have worked out better for us I would have loved to keep going, but NO ONE is going to make me feel guilty for quitting!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

6 months stats and pics

Mia turned 6 months on Aug. 29th! 
at her well check up, she was:

13 lbs 8 oz. {7th percentile}
27 inches long {88th percentile}

We love our little string bean! 

She is in size 2 diapers
She wears 0-3 and 3-6 month clothing. (just fitting into 3-6 month good)

Takes 2-3 naps a day. One hour to an hour and a half nap, and two half hour naps. 

She is in size 1 shoes, although she can still fit in newborn since her feet are so skinny! 

She eats 4 ounces every 3 hours about. 

She rolls everywhere around the house. Shes a steamroller! Still not sitting up.. gosh darn it. :) 

My friend Stacia took pics of Mia while she was babysitting her one day, and they are so beautiful! Thanks Stacia!! You are a talented woman! 

sick, sick, sickies

our household is a germ fest right now! 

Holy Toledo. Mia got her 6 mo. shorts on Tuesday, then started getting sick Wednesday with a horrible cough and runny nose. She is sleeping terrible because she can't breathe. She was up till 2AM the other night, when she normally goes to sleep at 8. Poor baby! Nothing makes me more sad than to see her sad and sick. Shes been very snuggly though so I have enjoyed that! Shes still managing to keep her spirits some what up. 

Me on the other hand, have been feeling sick for like two months for various reasons. I have had a constant headache and been so so tired. I have had no energy, and have been having dizzy spells every now and again. I thought it was my IUD causing weird side effects, so I decided to go in to the doctor and figure it out. I went on Wednesday and was there for a whopping 3 hours. After I told her all of my symptoms, she did a physical exam. At that point, I wasn't feeling stuffed up or sore throat or coughing or anything like that. But, she looked in my nose and saw that I had a terrible sinus infection! She said she wanted me to get on Amoxicillen as soon as possible. I was surprised that I had it, because I didn't feel sick.. I guess all the headaches and pressure is what I had but nothing else. She also gave me a medicine to try for migraines when I get one. She said after my sinus infection is gone, if I am still getting alot of headaches and migraines, she wants to do an MRI to check my sinus's and head since the last one I got for headaches was 6 years ago. I also got some blood work done to see what else is goin on. They checked for my CBC, Thyroid, Iron level, and something else that I can't remember. She also upped my dose of my depression medicine. 

I got a phone call Friday letting me know that they got my blood results back and my thyroid was super low, as well as my Vitamin D! Bummer. Now I have to take thyroid medicine. Hopefully that will be the answer! The doctor said when its low, you have a hard time loosing weight, having energy, you always feel like you never slept, and you are very depressed. No wonder I have been feeling so terrible lately! Lets hope I dont have to go the MRI and that everything will be fixed now that I am taking a thyroid pill. 

I am looking forward to being able to loose weight.. I HATE my body right now more than I ever have- and I have got to get this stupid baby weight off! I even liked my body better when I was pregnant! 

Luckily my knee is feeling pretty good. I think I might be able to start jogging in a few months. I still cant kneel on it, but Its feeling much better! 

I am currently living off all this. so help me.. 

so glad this girly is smiling this morning. 

heres to hoping Kev doesnt get sick too... 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

demolition derby and kevins birthday

I am so behind in blogging. thought I better update this on Kevins birthday stuff!! 

Kevin turned 26 this year. I made him waffles for breakfast, then we went and looked at a house (yay!) and then went to the mall so he could get a new shirt. Oh, and dont forget that he got a PS3 from me! (yes, I got it!) I gave it to him early because I couldnt keep a secret. Then, he had to work, but Mia and I took him dinner and cupcakes. I saved up all my money for a while from doing hair and used it all to get him a PS3. He is always saying he doesnt want anything, but that we could use birthday money to get new brake pads for the car, or so on so forth. So, I figured if I earned the money, money that wasn't budgeted into our budget, I could spend it however I wanted on him and he couldn't return it! I looked on KSL and found a steal of a deal- a PS3 with two wireless controllers, 5 games, wireless headphones, and an HDMI chord all for $275. I know thats ALOT of money to spend on a birthday, but he has been working so hard lately and I felt like he deserved it. This is him opening his present.. 

We then also went to the demolition derby. Its always the weekend of his birthday at the Utah County Fair, so we like to go to that together. We walked around the fair for a bit and found this huge pumpkin! so big

There was the biggest lego display I have ever seen..

Here are some pictures from the demo derby. It was so fun, and we love going! If you have never been, you def need to go sometime!!

Love you babe, hope you had a good birthday!


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