Tuesday, August 28, 2012

MJ is 6 months old!

holy toledo. My baby is 6 months old TOMORROW! I really can't believe its been a half a year since I had her. I love the stage she is in. She giggles, smiles, rolls all over the place, grabs everything- especially your face and she loves her snuggles! 

She has a very expressive face. She makes lots of silly faces and smiles all the time! 

I love being able to stay at home with her- we have so much fun! 

she is teething like no other right now. She chomps on ANYTHING She can get her hands on! 

She loves her kisses, and I love her kisses too!

this little cheeser is such a joy in my life. She is HARD- but so so worth it. Here are some lil facts about our 6 month old baby! 

She sat up by herself for the first time. Hasn't done it since though. Haha. This was about 2 weeks ago. 

 She loves tags. You will give her a toy and she will find the tag and try eating it. She ripped the tag off of our stroller already. I need to just give her a box full of tags to keep her busy. We borrowed this little contraption (haha) from my sister in law Amy and Mia loves it! She plays in it lots and of course loves the tags on the toys the most.. 

 Her hair is getting really really long. I either have to pin it back or put it in pony tails. If I dont, its in her face! 

She will let me put piggys in without too much of a fit as long as I do it really soft and she has a toy to play with

She loves food. Not milk, food. So far in baby food she has tried: bananas, applesauce, peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, squash, and pears. Shes allergic to pears, which is sad because she liked them! She has loved all the food she has tried so far. Haven't noticed that she has liked one or the other better besides applesauce.. she likes it but always gets a sour face when she eats it. Recently, she has taken an liking to ALL the food I eat. She will grab anything I eat right out of my hands before it goes into my mouth. 

Her eating issues have gotten a tad bit better this last week. We FINALLY started her on some reflux medicine and she is doing much better. She doesn't cry all day now, just most of the day ;) just kidding, but its definitely improved. I have felt so bad for her because her little tummy has just been in so much pain! We thought stopping breastfeeding and switching to Alimentum formula would take away all the issues, but it didn't. I HATE when people say 'oh we've all been there..." but to be honest, no you havent! My sister Adrianne I feel like is the only one who has had a child as bad as Mia as been as far as colic. If you dont believe me, ask my mom...

 We left Mia with my mom so we could go on a date to the demolition derby one night. We were gone for 2 hours before they called and said she had been screaming nonstop- and my mom didn't know what to do. We ended up having to go home to get her. My mom said she has never seen a kid act the way she did besides my nephew Will (adriannes boy). The worst part of it is that I feel like there is something causing her to be so fussy, not just that its fussy time. It seems to always be associated with eating.- plus, randomly through out the day. Its been really hard to find a support group for me besides my sister because none of Kevin's sisters had a baby like this and I dont have friends that have a baby as bad as Mia. It's not just a cry. Its a scream. Its not just a tissy fit, its a full blown on painful sad cry that nothing can stop. She wont eat, she wont sleep.. (at least when she gets in those moments.) My poor, poor baby. I just feel so so bad for her sometimes! I havent been taking her to church lately because its been so bad, and all we do is spend our time in the hall with a screaming baby. I hate going to family functions because I feel like everyone is judging me, like its ME who is causing her to cry like that! Luckily I have kept my sanity in tact. Its weird though because she was a perfect angel for the first two months of her life, and then BAM- it hit. I do not know why, but Heavenly Father sure blessed me with patience with her and I am SO grateful and lucky for that. Another reason I am lead to believe that it's something other than just colic is because she is now 6 months and still has issues. Its slowly getting better, and I hope I can credit that to the reflux medicine and that she continues to get better. 
 Mia is hilarious though with food right now. We were at RCWilly on saturday and I was eating a hot dog. With no warning, she just grabbed my bun, ripped off a huge piece and SHOVED it into her mouth. She knew just what to do with it! Hahaha. It was soooo funny. I couldnt help but laugh, as Kevin tried to take the bun out of her mouth! Too big of chunks for this little baby right now! Well today, I was eating a banana, and she did the same thing, Grabbed it and shoved it in her mouth. She just wants me to share :) 

She has FINALLY gotten on a nap schedule. She takes a morning nap around 10:30 for about 30 to 45 minutes. Then, she takes a nap from 1:30-3. If we are in the car later, she will take another half hour nap from around 5-5:30 or 6-6:30 depending on when we are in the car/are going somewhere. She sleeps on her side. We have gotten to the point about a month ago that we could just put her in her crib while she is awake, and then she will immediately turn to her side and put her self to sleep. Today I rocked her till she fell asleep, which was the first time I have done that in a long time. I just love snuggling her. 

one of her other favorite toys is a water bottle or cup! She loves them. She is currently trying to learn to drink out of a straw. 

Mia loves music. It makes her giggle when I put on music and dance- obviously because I look silly when I do it :) 

She LOVES her daddy and smiles every time he comes into the room. 

She moves so much. I think she will probably crawl before she sits up hahaha. 

She loves to be outside. Especially if it's raining. 

She has started liking her carseat.. finally. 

She talks ALL DAY LONG. No joke. Shes got a set of lungs on her. 

She is super limber- better be a dancer! 

She is my joy, my life, my best friend, my cutie bum, my everything! I love her more than I can even explain. She has changed my life for the better. I love being a mom- especially hers. I can't wait to see her crawling and sitting up and saying momma and dadda. I cant imagine not loving being a mom... Yea, its hard, but I dont understand the moms that dont enjoy it. Its my favorite thing! Everything important is worth working hard for in my opinion. Heavenly Father definitely blessed me with motherly instincts and patience and qualities of a mother. I would not be able to take care of this baby girl without the help of my Heavenly Father! 

Happy 6 months baby girl, mommy loves you. 


Michelle said...

Happy 6 months!! Crazy how time goes by! Here's hoping her eating issues and whatever else is going on gets better! loves!

Steph said...

She's such a cute baby and you are such a great mommy! Love seeing all the pics you post of your gorgeous babe! I can't believe she is 6 months crazy!!


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