Tuesday, August 14, 2012

how to do that second day hair

i don't know about you, but I don't wash my hair every day. it's healthy to let it go a few days so that there is not as much heat going on it, as well as the oils from the scalp are good for the hair. 

but for real, i know i am not the only one who wakes up the next day after i washed and styled my hair with a greaseball head and hair all over the place. {bed head}

so, here is a simple thing I do if I want my second day hair to be able to be worn down, and straight and nice. :) 

step 1- put some dry shampoo or baby powder in your hair. Here is a link to a bunch of different dry shampoos: http://www.ulta.com/ulta/browse/category.jsp?categoryId=cat40004 (pssssst is my favorite.) Baby powder works great if you have blonde hair or light brown hair. It shows up weird in dark hair and makes you look like you have lots of grays. 
step 2- get your CERAMIC round brush and quickly round-brush it. Make sure you take small sections. If you take small enough sections, you shouldn't have to flat iron at all. This helps activate the dry shampoo even more, and lifts the hair from the roots. The blowdryer doesn't even need to be on the hottest setting! The key to this is just round-brushing it good enough that you don't have to flat iron it as well, because that's adding more heat to it. 
3- rat your hair if you like, and hair spray it or use a serum to get all the little hairs down. 
4- that's IT! so easy. 

I love doing this. I am a get in, get out shower kinda girl... so I put my hair in a cap, get in and wash my body, and don't have to spend the extra time washing my hair. 

How long do you go without washing your hair? 

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RDefined said...

Great post! I never thought of using a ceramic brush!
I've tried the expensive stuff and the cheap stuff and I use the cheap dry shampoo.

I have dark brown hair (level 5) and I can still use white powder and baby powder. Just don't use too much and make sure to rub it in really good and brush it. It makes my roots SLIGHTLY lighter if I use too much but if it's in a ponytail or I use hair spray to tease it after I can't notice.

Also, if I tease my hair the day before or put dry shampoo in the first night I notice less oil to deal with in the morning.

I used to wash EOD but after stretching it out and teaching my hair I can go up to 5 days without washing (showering daily). The first few days I wear my hair down and the last 2 get some really cute dirty updos.


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