Tuesday, August 14, 2012

{family history} part 4- work

*What jobs have you had?  (Give details of the dates, places, responsibilities, etc.)

I used to nanny/babysit ALOT when I was younger, but we will go ahead and skip those and go to my first job when I was 16. 

My first job was a bagger/courtesy clerk at Maceys in Spanish Fork. I really liked the job, and worked there for 3 years. I ended up moving on up to cashier. I started out at $5.75 an hour and ended up at $8.50 an hour when I left at the end of my 3 years. I loved my boss and managers. It was a great job for high school, but I started kinda not liking it once I graduated because I felt like I just needed to get OUT of that town and move on to bigger and better things. 

After Maceys, I got married and got a job at Icing by Claires in the Provo Mall. I was the Assistant Manager. I think I got paid $9.50 an hour. I was at that job for 5 months. I really liked that job too for the most part. The only thing I didnt like was having to work on Sundays every once in a while. I also hated having to go in for Inventory at 4:30 in the morning! haha. The things I liked about it was that I got to interact with people all day, I got a slammin discount (I think it was 50%) and I love jewelry, purses, makeup.. all the things we sold I was in love with.  I ended up quitting for a new job I got. 

I then moved on to Ceder Fort which is a book publishing company in Springville. I absolutely loved that job. I think I only made $9 an hour but I was more interested in doing what I did than retail sales so thats why I took the job. I blogged and facebooked for the company. I did book reviews, interviewed authors (via email) did giveaways.. I also did receptionist many times to fill in for the normal one when she was gone or if she needed help. I answered phones, then started doing website orders, then started doing warehouse sales... and thats where I started not liking it. It was just too much responsibility for not enough pay. But the people I worked with were great and I enjoyed my time there. I just realized that I am not fit for a desk job though- I like to be out and about talking to people and I had my hair license at the time, so I wanted to get out and do hair. 

I then started working at Salon on the Avenue. It was my first experience with working in a salon. It started out great... but went bad quickly. I was there a year. I had lots of clients and did ok money wise, but I had a hard time with the owner. We had personalities that did NOT click. She was always changing policies and nothing was ever consistent. There were alot of shady things that went on but I wont share them because I don't want to do harm to their business. I like the girls that work there and its a great salon with lots of talented people working there. I wish the salon the best, it just wasn't for me. And thats ok! 

I moved salons after a year at salon on the ave, and went to Haven Salon. That was my most recent job. I have so many good things to say about this salon. The owner is amazing, the manager is amazing, the girls are amazing.. I loved my time there. I loved how the salon looked, I loved the atmosphere, and I loved the freedom I had. I loved the support I had from the girls- and I loved that they gave us free education/classes! The only reason I quit was so that I could be a stay at home mom, and it was a hard decision to leave there. I will forever love that salon and maybe someday I can return if I ever feel like working in a salon again! I was there a year before I quit as well. 

*How many years until you retire? 
Well, I dont think I will ever retire from being a mommy. :) haha. But hopefully Kevin will retire at 60, and we can travel lots and take care of our grand babies and kids!

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