Tuesday, August 7, 2012

allergic to pears

we had introduced pears to little miss mia in the last few days.. then i noticed a rash on her bum. at first i thought it was a yeast infection, but then within a day or two it had spread all over her back and neck and tummy. i got worried and wasn't sure what it was. honestly, the whole eating pears thing didnt even cross my mind, because who in the world is allergic to pears? haha. anyway, we ended up taking her in to make sure it was nothing contagious or anything. 

the doc took one look at her and said, yep! thats an allergic reaction! no more pears for this one! 

she does this all the time now. she likes to snuggle her teddy bears and lay her head down. so so precious


Nancy said...

Oh, she is so sweet. That's a bummer about the pears I think that's one of the best tasting baby foods. I hope her rash clears up quick.

Ty and Whitty said...

she is so darling. I love her hair. Hey come and enter my giveaway it is 5 passes to a fun trampoline park it would be such a fun date night with friends and it is in orem so its by you :)



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