Thursday, July 26, 2012

We all know how much I love bows.. {tutorial}

so, I love headbands. I love bows. Mia has way too many of them. really. evidence:

just the bows

just the headbands

its an addiction, I just cant stop myself! She just looks so dang cute in them! 

Well, I had a few people ask me to make a tutorial of some, so here is the first one. 
you can make this one in any color, or size. its really the easiest bow to make ever. 

you will need: glue gun, felt, and a clip to glue it on or some stretchy elastic or hard headband. 

first step: cut a strip of felt. however big or small you want, however thick or thin you want. (btw, this tutorial works great with ribbon too!) 

After you cut the strip, fold it in half to see where the exact middle is. 

put hot glue down the exact middle. 

fold over both sides to the middle

pinch it to see where to put the glue to keep it together

put glue in the center, then pinch

It should then look like this when you pinch it. Make sure to pinch it tight and hold it for a bit so the glue can dry. 

then, cut out a strip of felt for the middle 

put a dot of glue on the middle 

fold strip over the middle, and wa-la! all done! 

who knows if those steps even made sense. Hopefully you can figure it out though. Its super easy! 

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