Wednesday, July 11, 2012

our fourth of july!

We had such a fun couple of days celebrating the 4th. I first celebrated Elk Ridge Days, which was at the end of June. Elk Ridge is my home town and they do lots of fun things like a golf tournament, a parade, a carnival, and a mayors dinner. 

Kevin was working when the Elk Ridge Days Parade was going on so I decided to take Mia up and I drug my mom with me to go watch it. I had to dress Mia up in a cute little American outfit! 

Here she is being held by my favorite Teresa Caine from my parents ward. This smile is the smile that totally describes her! Shes always so nice and happy. 

Here's me and the Mi-ers! (we have started calling her that haha.. bad nickname I know.)

can't get over how cute she is...

On the actual 4th of July, we got super lucky to be able to spend it with our best buddies Jon and Kenna! Kenna's grandpa owns Lund Optical (nicest. man. ever.) and throws this big party for all the family and friends they have and saves spots for them to sit at the parade. His shop is right on university just past center street so its the perfect spot, and its the side that the sun wasn't shining on yet! They had soda, milk, donuts, muffins, fruit, candy, chips, dip, all kinds of food for us to share. We plopped down and Kenna wanted to hold Mia, and Mia was good the whole parade! 

I sure do love Kenna. She is so fun. We got lucky to get such good friends. Kenna is Jons wife, and Jon went to HS with Kevin. So lucky for me I got to meet her through Kevin! We have become instant friends from the day we met and could literally talk for hours about everything. I am so grateful for her! 

After the parade, we went and walked around the boothes and then went to a BBQ at Kev's parents house. We had lots of fun hanging out with family and had a great holiday. 

Now for a few random pictures...

Mia is so funny. She will have her binky in and decide she wants to talk. So, she takes it out, yells, and puts it back in. Funny funny girl! And yes, Kevin gets creative when it comes to hanging toys on that play mat... the monkey for example. 

Mia's hair is getting so long that I almost have to pull it up for it not to be in her face sometimes! I love this picture of us. Shes my bestie! 

This was a picture of Mia before church last week. I love this dress! Its the first time she has been able to wear it. She sure is a cutie. 

all in all things are going great here in the mo household. Kevin's getting surgery tomorrow and I am getting surgery Aug 9th.. so I may not say things are going great in a month. hehe... wish us luck! 

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