Monday, July 23, 2012

my world

this little girl is my world.
i love her so dang much. shes so cute and spunky and has such a funny personality already. 
although she is really colic and cries alot, there are some really great moments, and when they are great, they are REALLY great. she makes me smile, my heart melt, and makes me laugh out loud! she has so many funny faces and sounds- she talks all day long. 

i just had to share a few of my favorite pictures as of lately- shes my little bestie, so grateful i get to stay at home with her all day every day!

piggy tails!!

eatin her peas.. contrary to her facial expression, she actually likes peas! 

happy girly!

oh, and i got some bangs. what do ya think?


we love playin in the air, she even drools on me sometimes.. haha yuck

favorite pastime.. :)

'are you serious?!' watchin me get ready for church after i got her ready. i love that outfit. so cute, ally gave it to us!

mom, im tired of bumbo time!

just look at those lips!

most beautiful girl in the world. 

we love tummy time! mia is super strong!

all in all, being a mommy is so amazing- and worth it. every last minute of it. mia is so special to me and her daddy and we love spending time with her. love you baby girl! happy 5 months in a few days.. time flies! 


Alexis Kaye said...

she is such a sweetie!!! So cute!!! And I like your bangs

The Duke said...

The pig tails are so funny! Made me laugh. :) She is a darling little girl.

Steph said...

She is a super cutie! I'm dying over those piggy tails!! Love the bangs too!

Clayton and Malae Talley said...

Reading your blog makes me so excited to have my little girl!!! I love that you love being a mom so much. :) Mia is darling!


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