Monday, July 23, 2012

Mia's Room

I posted a few pictures back about the cute paintings my sister Adrianne did for Mia's room but I dont think I ever posted all the pictures of her room. I am very proud of myself for all the thrifty-ness I have done with it! 

The crib we got for free from our friends Jon and Kenna! So grateful for that. The bedding was $60 at, which I had a gift card for so I used that. I have always loved owls, so I had to get the bedspread when I saw it! (although I really wanted to do red and teal, not pink and teal.) I made the tissue balls with my friend Ally above her crib. There were two white ones as well but they fell.. and I threw them away because they were falling all the time and eventually got squished. 

I got this dresser on KSL for $35. On top of it is a lamp I already had, I just bought a new lamp shade from walmart for $4. The changing pad was also bought with a gift card, which is velcroed on with heavy duty Velcro on the bottom of it. The basket I got with a gift from my sister in Law Lisa. :)

These are the best part of her room. I love these paintings. My sister Adrianne is so talented! She painted them all by hand and sent them out. I love them so much.

This book shelf is all the storage stuff we needed for her/mary kay. My Mary Kay stuff is in the pink boxes (there is another shelf thats not shown that has another big pink box) and then I have Mias books (all gifted to me or bought at Savers), her blankets, diapers, bibs, bows, shoes are in the blue basket, and her teddy bears.

I made this bow holder. I had everything on hand already- the frame was made by Kevin, the chicken wire spray paint and ribbon I already had. And I made about half of those bows.

I bought these letters for $1.50 a piece at Hobby Lobby, painted them, and hung them. Ally helped me make the banner- which is made from paper.

I got these hooks from hobby lobby for $4 each I think.. and the towels were gifts from people. I love those hooks!

We also have a rocking chair, that we got brand new at Burlington, and didn't have to pay because we had a gift card there too. 

I am so grateful for all the things we were given to give this baby girl a good start! 

I love being thrifty and making things look cute with little or no money. It really gives me such joy! 

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Alexis Kaye said...

It looks amazing. I'm so impressed!


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